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Is Kursana a Cinderella?

Dussmann, the big European facilities management company which also owns Kursana, the fifth largest German nursing home group, saw revenue grow 20% to €2.8 billion in 2022. The company claimed that this was “almost exclusively organic.” But the Care & Kids division which is mainly Kursana didn’t grow at all. Is it a Cinderella?

Ireland’s ‘Fair Deal Scheme’ for nursing homes under fire

As an Irish nursing home is pulls one of its homes out of the public funding scheme citing “extreme financial pressure”, and elements in the government appear increasingly hostile to for-profits in the sector, HBI speaks to a market expert and asks if this is a blip, or a trend.

Is any German nursing home truly safe from bankruptcy?

The nursing home industry in Germany has been rocked by a spate of bankruptcies in recent months. As another operator bites the dust, it has left many wondering - are more to come? HBI speaks to two market experts to decipher whether the ‘once is a mistake, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern’ adage holds any water.

IK Partners to take UK teleradiology provider Medica private

Listed UK-based teleradiology provider Medica is being taken private by PE firm IK Investment Partners, which has made an offer of £269m to buy all of the group’s shares. Medica has accepted the offer, which was 32.4% higher than the group’s average market cap over the past three months.

Amanat loses a CEO, and gains a platform

UAE-based listed health care and education investment firm Amanat Holdings has had an interesting few weeks. First, its high-flying CEO departed the group, allegedly by mutual consent - but without an immediate successor. Now Amanat has announced it is consolidating its healthcare assets into a single platform.

Consolidation is not the only answer: Why PE must focus on efficiency

European private equity (PE) health care investors have relied heavily on growing the scale and revenue of the companies they’ve acquired to create returns over the past decade, especially through consolidation, according to a new report by consultancy Bain & Company. But changing economic conditions may force them to pivot towards focusing on boosting margins through operational efficiency in the coming years.

More UK outsourcing on the way, and NHS crisis here to stay as doctors look abroad

The government taskforce setting out how the UK NHS will outsource more to tackle its record-breaking backlog is set to be published soon. However while the private sector is willing to help, other long-term issues like workforce and capacity mean public sector issues will persist. HBI speaks to UK healthcare sources to find out more.

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