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Interview: Barry Mulholland, MBI Healthcare Technologies

Barry Mulholland is founding partner at MBI Healthcare Technologies, a UK digital health company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to find and fix data inaccuracies in hospital administration systems. He tells us how he believes AI platforms can help solve the elective care crisis.

VC interest in digital health investment remains strong

Despite economic downturn and inflationary pressure, venture capital interest in healthcare, and specifically digital health, remains strong. HBI chats with UK investment company Albion VC to find out more.

Health care companies must learn to deal with cyber attacks

Cyber attacks on health care are on the rise, and operators focused on preventing attacks need to think more about developing resilience to ensure critical care is protected. HBI speaks to Trevor Dearing, director of critical infrastructure solutions at cybersecurity firm Illumio, to find out more.

Chris Toth, CEO, Varian, a Siemens Healthineers Company

In April last year, medical device giant Siemens Healthineers acquired Varian Medical Systems in one of the largest all cash MedTech transactions in history. HBI catches up with Varian CEO Chris Toth to find out more about the deal, and Varian’s plans for the future. 

Babylon CEO admits to stock market disaster

Ali Parsa, the charismatic healthcare entrepreneur who founded digital health company Babylon Health, has branded the company’s stock market performance an “unbelievable, unmitigated disaster” in an interview with the Financial Times.

Helios makes digital-only presence in Kenya and Colombia

Curalie, the digital health subsidiary of German hospital group Fresenius Helios, has launched new digital-only operations in Kenya and Colombia. Experts tell HBI this is a good way for Helios to access new markets, but likely won’t lead to a hospital boom any time soon.

Kry cuts another 10% of workforce and withdraws from Germany

Kry, the Swedish-based multinational telehealth and primary care unicorn, is laying off 10% of its 3,000-strong workforce, marking the second time it has done so this year. It is also pulling out of Germany as it tries to move faster towards profitability. Meanwhile peer Babylon has seen its value fall 20-fold.

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