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Kry self-reports Facebook data breach to Swedish authorities

Swedish telehealth provider Kry says it will co-operate with an investigation by the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY) into the sharing of user contact information with Facebook - an 'error' which Kry has admitted to.

UK government launches digital health strategy

The UK government has launched a new strategy for the use of digital technology and data in the health and social care sectors. Health secretary Sajid Javid gave a speech at the HealthTech Summit in London on the day of the launch about how the strategy will shake up the sector.

Interview, Philippe Salah, CEO Dental Monitoring

Philippe Salah tells HBI he likes to keep a low profile. His success with remote dental care group DentalMonitoring, which reached elusive $1bn unicorn status at the end of last year, is making that increasingly difficult. HBI chats to him to find out more about his business model, and his vision of the dental clinic of the future.

Adoption and drivers of Digital Health Platforms by insurers

This week our infographic shows some of the key findings from the Digital Health Engagement Institute’s (DHEI) survey around the adoption and drivers of Digital Health Engagement Platforms (DHE Platforms) in the life and health insurance industry.

Interview Nick West, Chief Medical Officer, Global Medical Affairs, Abbott Vascular 

Patients, particularly in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, have a very different view of how well their treatment went than the physicians who treat them and health care leaders who oversee healthcare delivery. Patients are frustrated from the earliest stages of their care journey, including symptom recognition and definitive disease diagnosis. We talk to Dr. Nick West, the Chief Medical Officer, Global Medical Affairs for Abbott’s Vascular business about the results from Beyond Intervention - a multi-year global research initiative that uncovers the differing perspectives of the patient, the physician, and the healthcare leader.

UK parliamentary committee to examine NHS’ progress on digitalisation

A UK parliamentary committee headed by former health secretary Jeremy Hunt has launched an enquiry into digital transformation in the NHS. MPs will look at how digital technology is currently being used and consider what could be improved. This will include an evaluation of possibilities for greater cooperation between the NHS and the private sector and how this could boost innovation.

Why AI is failing in healthcare

Why has AI failed to deliver on the promises of 3-4 years ago in healthcare? Gemma Galdon, CEO of Ethica Consulting, whose business has audited algorithms for a decade, explains why at the EIT Health Conference and looks at why so many algorithms are flawed.

Optimistic confusion over EU’s new Health Data Space

There was quiet confidence about the proposed, new European Health Data Space (EHDS) from European Commission staff at the EIT Health Conference 2022 in Stockholm this week. The scheme should make it much easier to use health data for scientific research. But implementation could be tortuous.

Proposed EU data sharing framework ‘will save €11bn’

The European Commission has put forward a proposal for a new legal framework to regulate the sharing of health data across the EU which it says could save the healthcare sector €11bn over ten years. The proposal is subject to review by the European Council and Parliament but could come into force in 2025.

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