Bankruptcies, closures, and scandals: the bleak state of European nursing homes

Across Europe, nursing homes are in crisis. Between scandals in France, insolvencies in Germany, the threat of regulation in Spain, and fair fee woes in the UK, HBI hears that the nursing home sector is the least attractive healthcare services sector for investors. Are things really that bad - and is the threat of mass bankruptcies real?

Interview: Walter Shekman, CEO, Dobrobut

Against the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine war, HBI speaks to the CEO of the Ukrainian hospital group Dobrobut, Walter Shekman, to understand the day-to-day challenges it is facing, and how the private sector can assist the sector.

Mubadala-backed M42 buying Diaverum “for $2bn+”

Swedish multinational dialysis firm Diaverum is being bought by M42, a joint venture between Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund Mubadala Investment Co and AI firm G42, for a reported $2bn-$2.5bn. Diaverum’s CEO tells HBI the deal offers further opportunities to develop its digital strategies, and international expansion. 

Diaverum deal: An analysis

Last week the news broke that Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund Mubadala Investment Co might be set to buy Swedish multinational dialysis firm Diaverum for a reported $2.5bn. HBI speaks to an operator source who thinks this would be a good price for the seller - and hears why some investors are switched off by dialysis.

Orpea and Korian’s share prices boosted by hidden camera exposé

Both Korian and Orpea’s share prices increased more than 10% after the release of investigative TV show Cash Investigation’s hidden camera episode revealing scenes inside a Korian nursing home. Meanwhile Orpea’s expansion into Russia has been halted after last week’s invasion of Ukraine and French public investment bank Bpifrance pulled out. 

Sector reacts to invasion on Ukraine

How are for-profit health care groups being affected by and reacting to the Russian invasion of Ukraine? Some are providing free services to refugees, others are supporting Ukrainian armed forces. HBI speaks to Michał Rybak, CFO at Lux Med, leading Polish for-profit operator and Konstantin Lebediev, an expert on private healthcare in Ukraine and a former General Manager of the first private hospital in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Ukrainian operators calm, but foreign investment could falter

The eyes of the world have been on Ukraine recently, as the risk of a Russian invasion ramps up. HBI speaks to operators, private equity, and pharma in the region to see if nerves are being held, or fraying, and how what happens in the next few weeks might hit for-profit healthcare in the region.

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