Landslide win for labour in UK general election

The UK’s Labour Party has won a huge parliamentary majority in the country’s national election. A labour government could mean greater opportunities for the UK’s private hospital sector, especially given the party has said it will not hesitate to use private sector capacity in tackling its “top priority” aim of cutting NHS waiting lists.

KKR acquires Kerala-based hospital fuelling surge in India’s healthcare PE deal activity

India saw a ~35% drop in private equity and venture capital deal activity in 2023, with investments falling from $62 billion in 2022 to $39 billion. However, healthcare investments hit a record $5.5 billion, driven by a tripling of provider investments, multi-specialty provider consolidation, and the rise of attractive single-specialty assets. Reflecting this trend, on July 1, the US private equity firm KKR has announced an acquisition of a controlling stake in Baby Memorial Hospital (BMH), a multi-specialty hospital chain in Kerala, India.

Essential actions amid rising healthcare cyberattacks: all you need to know

A recent NHS cyber attack resulted in the postponement of over 1,100 operations, including nearly 200 cancer treatments, and exposed 400 GB of sensitive NHS and patient data. Cyber attacks on healthcare are growing more frequent, intensifying strain on the sector. As healthcare undergoes greater digitisation and collects more patient data, preparing for and defending against cyber attacks is paramount for the sector's resilience. Since 2020, global healthcare data breach costs have surged by 53.3%. For the 13th consecutive year, healthcare recorded the highest average data breach costs at USD 10.93 million, according to IBM.

What would a Labour government mean for private providers in the UK?

As the UK’s political parties enter the final straight for next Thursday’s general election, the outcome is all but certain, with polling strongly indicating that the Labour Party is set to return to power for the first time since 2010 — at current projections with the largest parliamentary majority in British history.

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