Portugal’s hospital market: IPO, reform and intrigue

The growth of PMI makes Portugal an exciting market for hospitals. With the IPO of a major hospital group on the cards, reform looking to change the way public-private partnerships are paid, and political intrigue which rivals Game of Thrones, HBI digs into what’s making the market tick.

San Donato remains in family hands, plans international expansion

In July, prior to its proposed acquisition of American Heart of Poland, there was a big reorganisation at Gruppo San Donato, Italy's largest hospital group. This pours some light on the relationship between Tunisian entrepreneur Kamel Ghribi, whose GKSD vehicle is now intertwined with San Donato, and the Rotelli family.

Circle Health set to be sold for $1.2bn

PureHealth, an Abu Dhabi group which is effectively state-owned, is set to buy Circle Health, the UK's second largest hospital group by revenue, for $1.2bn. The deal follows PureHealth's acquisition of a minority stake in a major US hospital chain. It comes as revenue from both private pay and NHS outsourcing surges in the UK.

Germany cuts red tape to recruit outside EU

This summer, a new immigration reform was passed to make it easier for workers from non-EU countries to relocate to Germany. An Indian organisation plans to train 2,000 nurses for the German market. HBI speaks to experts to find out who will make the most of the changes and if it’s the best course of action to combat labour shortages.

Third bolt-on for Phoenix

M&A in the UK's for-profit hospital market is back in full swing. As well as the sale of the UK's largest hospital group, Circle, August saw the acquisition of One Healthcare, a small group which operates two multi-speciality hospitals in Kent and Hertfordshire, by Phoenix Hospital Group, a slightly larger UK operator.

San Donato set to buy American Heart of Poland

The largest Italian hospital group is set to buy a majority of American Heart of Poland, a fast-growing Polish hospital group, in its first serious move outside Italy, although it has also outlined expansion plans in the Middle East. This deal is also backed by GKSD Investment Holding, the vehicle of Tunisian entrepreneur, Kamel Ghribi. But what exactly is San Donato buying?

Icon’s UK debut deal with Nuffield

The UK's largest healthcare charity Nuffield Health is partnering with Australian oncology care provider Icon Group to debut its cancer care radiotherapy services in the UK market. 

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