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Kry self-reports Facebook data breach to Swedish authorities

Swedish telehealth provider Kry says it will co-operate with an investigation by the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY) into the sharing of user contact information with Facebook - an 'error' which Kry has admitted to.

Kry laying off 10% of its staff

Stockholm-based digital health player Kry is laying off 10% of its 1,000-strong workforce to reassure its investors and its partners in trying times for the market.

Warsaw hub model set to spread across CEE

A new Warsaw Health Innovation Hub in Poland has seen 30 big pharma and medtech contribute brains and money to tackle healthcare projects, extending the cooperation which developed during Covid between the government and the private sector. Healthcare providers are set to join. The model is likely to be adopted by other CEE countries.

Optimistic confusion over EU’s new Health Data Space

There was quiet confidence about the proposed, new European Health Data Space (EHDS) from European Commission staff at the EIT Health Conference 2022 in Stockholm this week. The scheme should make it much easier to use health data for scientific research. But implementation could be tortuous.

Exponential revenue growth fails to restore investor confidence in Babylon and Teladoc

Babylon and Teladoc, two of the world’s largest telehealth providers, have grown exponentially over the past few years, with Teladoc doubling its revenue and Babylon quadrupling its revenue in 2021. Q1 results show a continuation of this trend. Yet both group’s share prices have fallen around 90% over the past two years. We explore whether the market is right to be betting against these two expanding giants.

Interview: Joe Stringer, partner, Octopus Ventures

Joe Stringer, healthcare investment specialist, and partner at Octopus Ventures which invests in and supports start-up businesses across Europe, talks to HBI about his approach to investment ahead of his panel appearance at HBI 2022.

Telehealth growth pushing valuations and multiples to new heights

Whilst the number of M&A transactions in the telehealth sector hasn’t seen huge growth, the sector has seen a meteoric rise over the past few years, especially since Covid. In this week’s infographic we look at the growth in revenue of Europe’s largest five telehealth providers and at how the revenue multiples from the valuations telehealth companies receive in M&A transactions has changed.

Elsan’s digital approach to primary care  

Paris-based hospital group Elsan says it will open two “highly digitised” primary care facilities by the end of the year in cooperation with Livi, the developer of the e-health platform owned by the Swedish startup Kry. HBI speaks with Thierry Chiche, CEO at Elsan and Jonathan Ardouin, Managing Director at Livi France, to learn more. 

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