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Babylon may pull back in Europe to focus on US market

As UK tech start-up Babylon Health withdraws from a couple of ten-year contracts with NHS Trusts eight years early, we speak to a digital health expert who tells us he isn't surprised as the US market is the place to be.

Kry keeps mum on valuation but is “unlikely” to be devalued

Kry, the Swedish telehealth company also known as Livi in the UK and France, has raised US$160m of debt and equity funding in Series D follow-on funding. However, the firm has kept a tight lid on its valuation and observers are conflicted as to why this is.

Amazon buys primary care network for 6x revenue

Amazon surprised markets by buying the loss-making One Medical US primary care chain for $18 a share, a 43% premium. In 2021 One Medical grew revenue by 64% to $623m, on which it lost $243.5m.

HBI 2022: Who will win the Subscription War?

Subscription health models were a popular conversation and "subscription" a bit of a buzzword at HBI2022. A panel of experts looked at how three different companies are making these models work.

HBI 2022: How digitalisation is driving a service revolution

The arguments for digitalisation in healthcare services are well-established, and thanks to the pandemic, hybrid models are coming more and more to the fore. How is digitalisation being used to improve financial outcomes, and how is data being used to deliver unprecedented proactive and preventative measures? 

Kry self-reports Facebook data breach to Swedish authorities

Swedish telehealth provider Kry says it will co-operate with an investigation by the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY) into the sharing of user contact information with Facebook - an 'error' which Kry has admitted to.

Kry laying off 10% of its staff

Stockholm-based digital health player Kry is laying off 10% of its 1,000-strong workforce to reassure its investors and its partners in trying times for the market.

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