VIDEO INTERVIEW: Walter Shekman, CEO, Dobrobut

HBI’s Lee Murray recently caught up with Walter Shekman, CEO of Ukrainian private hospital and clinic group Dobrobut. In this video, they explore Ukraine’s ~$16.4bn healthcare recovery need - and what this means for private providers in the country.

Bankruptcies, closures, and scandals: the bleak state of European nursing homes

Across Europe, nursing homes are in crisis. Between scandals in France, insolvencies in Germany, the threat of regulation in Spain, and fair fee woes in the UK, HBI hears that the nursing home sector is the least attractive healthcare services sector for investors. Are things really that bad - and is the threat of mass bankruptcies real?

Interview: Walter Shekman, CEO, Dobrobut

Against the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine war, HBI speaks to the CEO of the Ukrainian hospital group Dobrobut, Walter Shekman, to understand the day-to-day challenges it is facing, and how the private sector can assist the sector.

Germany cuts red tape to recruit outside EU

This summer, a new immigration reform was passed to make it easier for workers from non-EU countries to relocate to Germany. An Indian organisation plans to train 2,000 nurses for the German market. HBI speaks to experts to find out who will make the most of the changes and if it’s the best course of action to combat labour shortages.

HBI 2023: Managing your costs in challenging times

Rising costs from inflation, wages, and energy are indiscriminately hitting the health care sector and despite government support packages being pledged, the road ahead looks arduous. So how do providers control costs, and what are the strategies to keep costs at bay?

Ukraine Minister of Health Recovery to speak at HBI 2023

Ukraine has big plans to leverage the for-profit sector to rebuild its shattered health care system after the war. Oleksii Iaremenko, Head of Health Recovery at the Ukraine Ministry of Health is speaking at HBI 2023, June 19-21. Meanwhile we talk to fellow panelist Mark Hellowell, an academic at the University of Edinburgh who with the EBRD is sitting alongside Iaremenko on the Ukraine panel.

Digital health booming in CEE

Digital health is booming in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), boosted by several countries in the region introducing major policy initiatives to integrate telehealth solutions and digitise their health systems. CEE-based multinational law firm Kinstellar spells this out in its latest ‘Current eHealth trends in CEE and Turkey’ report.

Circle Health sponsors work visas for Ukrainian refugees fleeing war

For-profit UK hospital groups are working on their responses to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Circle Health is to sponsor up to 500 work visas for Ukrainian refugees across its 54 sites in the UK. We find out more about the plan, and approach other large providers in the UK to find out what they are doing.

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