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No private healthcare bounce back yet

Admissions to private hospitals in the UK are still well below pre-pandemic levels with activity in January and February down on last year. The expected demand boost for private healthcare due to NHS waiting list pressures is yet to materialise. 

Ambea Q1 points to slow recovery for Nordic social care

Recovery in the Nordic social care market is happening slower than expected as provider Ambea expects a hit on revenues and profits in Q1 to continue in the second quarter. Sweden has been particularly badly hit with EBITA down in both its elderly care and disabled care segments.

Final week for bids on Penta Hospitals

Questions are surrounding the ongoing stake sale process for pan-CEE hospital chain Penta Hospitals International (PHI). Owner Penta Investments director Václav Jirků tells HBI that remaining bids are to be received by next week and rejects rumours it may pull the process entirely.

German hospitals cut staff as volumes fail to recover

Germany's third-largest hospital group Sana Kliniken has announced the layoff of over 1,000 employees, while number one Fresenius Helios is also cutting staff, as patient numbers fail to recover from Covid. Volumes are still lower than in 2019, Dr. Boris Augurzky tells HBI. 

Revenue per bed in rehab markets compared

How do Europe's four big inpatient post-acute/rehabilitation markets compare on average revenues per bed? HBI analysis for an ongoing ratio report reveals all.

Synlab still trading at low end of IPO range

Synlab's shares have continued to trade in the lower end of the IPO price range since it took to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange last Friday, April 30, opening flat and now around 3% up.

Margin drop for French imaging sector

Margins for some of the largest French imaging operators halved from 2015 to 2019, after tariffs cuts in 2017, while the combined figure at the top 30 fell 2.4 percentage points.

KPMG talks healthcare opportunities in the islands 

We talk to Dr. Ed Fitzgerald, who is being appointed head of healthcare for KPMG Island Group. The firm’s offices are present in a region covering 45 million people across Bermuda and the Caribbean, and a further 760,000 in Malta, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Quarantining after his recent return to Bermuda, he told us of the island’s challenges in reducing its per capita healthcare costs (second only to the USA), why islands struggle to introduce universal health coverage and spotlights commercial opportunities. 

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