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Is the PE tap being turned off?

Economic uncertainty could well mean a slowdown in M&A from private equity houses. Could we be facing a repeat of the dark days of 2009, and a halving of deal flow, or is there light on the horizon? HBI has been chatting with consultants and advisers over the last couple of weeks to see if there is a consensus.

Is Bridgepoint looking to sell Diaverum in Q4?

Swedish pan-European dialysis group Diaverum could be up for sale in Q4. Reports suggest PE owner Bridgepoint has reportedly appointed American investment bank Citi to review strategic options for a sale.

Vitaldent-led new Spanish dental group looking abroad for expansion

There's a new major player on the Spanish dental scene - by name at least - and it looks set to take the number one spot by revenue. Vitaldent is combining with three other players and rebranding as Donte Group according to Javier Martin, the CEO of the new holding company and former Vitaldent CEO.

Nordic PMI grows in tandem with waiting lists

Private medical insurance (PMI) plans are on the increase in the Nordic nations, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Longer public health waiting times and incentives in employment contracts are the main reasons. HBI investigates.

Interview: Julien Samson CEO Groupe Maisons de Famille

Julien Samson, recently appointed CEO of the European care homes group Groupe Maisons de Famille, has some creative ideas on how to manage the business. In the face of industry-wide criticism and concern following hard-hitting headlines about rivals Orpea and Korian, he still believes the industry can find ways to cope with the persistent pandemic, the energy crisis and inflationary recession.

Tariff cuts to return to French labs sector 

The French statutory insurer is reported to be seeking tariff cuts for the labs sector which could exceed €200m. Any cuts will be announced on Monday, September 26, in the government’s Social Security Budget.

Estonian waiting lists likely to skyrocket in recession

Despite inflation rates of over 20%, Estonia's national health service has not suffered significant ill effects, HBI hears, at least not yet. Looming recession could, however, result in waiting lists as bad as those currently seen in the UK. HBI speaks to a local expert to find out more.

FREE BLOG Could the PE tap be turned off?

Changing macroeconomic conditions - specifically a reduction in the availability of credit and increases in interest rates, could well impact M&A activity over the coming months.

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