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FREE BLOG AI is in dire need of regulation

From silicon valley to national legislatures, debates around the impact artificial intelligence could have on the future of humanity seem to have reached a new fever pitch in recent weeks.

Interview: Jennifer Gendron, Koa Health

HBI speaks to Jennifer Gendron, Global Chief Commercial Officer at digital mental health company Koa Health. Gendron tells us about the digital well-being service Koa Health offers, the new partnership the company has made with global medical and travel risk services provider International SOS, and how this will advance the company’s long-term vision of making personalised, user-friendly mental health tools available for all.

GenesisCare in the US files for bankruptcy

GenesisCare, the radiotherapy group with operations in the US, UK, Australia and Spain, has filed for voluntary reorganisation under chapter 11 of the US bankruptcy code and will look to sell off its US assets. HBI speaks to an advisory source to find out more.

Valencian elections hint at the resurrection of Alzira

The leftist government of Valencia has been routed in regional elections. Could this mean a restoration of the out-of-favour Alzira model of public-private partnership (PPP) hospitals? HBI speak to a consultant source to find out more.

Low key Latvia sale kicks off Orpea refocusing

Last week, French nursing home operator Orpea initiated the start of the partial sale of its €1.2bn real estate portfolio, commencing with its Latvian presence - a singular retirement home in Riva. This low key sale marks the first small step in a major three-year plan to refocus its geographies. HBI speaks to a market expert to find out more.

Changes at the top of Runwood Homes

Three members of the senior leadership team at UK nursing home operator Runwood Homes departed the firm last month. COO Lorraine McGarry-Wall, CFO Phillip Thomas, and CEO Jeremy Richardson had all been appointed as directors of the company within the last 12 months. 

Spain is registering doctors faster than patients are aging

The international healthcare workforce crisis has two main factors - populations are aging pushing demand for healthcare up, and there is a problem with supply as groups struggle to train, hire and retain doctors. That said, in Spain at least, the number of registered doctors is growing at a quicker rate than the population is aging.

Interview: Jason Powell, Co-CEO, UK Vein Clinic Group 

We look at how to build a dynamic, low-cost outpatient chain which delivers high quality care and at the UK venous market more generally with Jason Powell, whose UK Vein Clinic Group looks set to grow revenue 50% in 2024, after doubling sales in 2023.  

Dutch competition authority gets reined in again

The Netherlands’ activist competition authority has been reined in again. The acquisition of dermatology specialist Mauritskliniek by hospital group Bergman Clinics is no longer barred, after another reversal by a judge. However, the decision is moot, as Mauritskliniek has already been bought by German cosmetic surgery provider Corius Gruppe.

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