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Marcel Hermann quits at Médipôle Partenaires

Marcel Hermann, who founded Médipôle Sud Santé in 2006, has quit as president of Médipôle Partenaires, now the third largest French hospital group. He had been named in the ‘Panama Papers’ scandal suspected of tax evasion. There are rumours that the group could IPO as soon as the autumn of 2016.

Canadian investment into Bourn Hall

UK-based fertility clinic specialist Bourn Hall has secured "significant investment" from Triangle Capital Corporation, a Canadian-based investment firm.

Ireland and UK top explosive waiting lists

Waiting lists for public and private healthcare treatment have exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic as hospitals and patients deferred treatment. How does the peak in waiting lists compare between countries?

FREE BLOG Innovation stands to be the loser in Germany’s elections

Germany's exuberant health minister Jens Spahn is unlikely to stay in post after the country's elections in September. People in the market say that his likely successors are less progressive, innovative and charismatic, which could end the streak of some of the boldest healthcare reforms we've ever seen. That could have repercussions across Europe.

$3bn Imaging AI sector will re-shape industry after watershed 2019/20

Imaging AI solutions which can read images just as well as radiologists are now demonstrably effective medical products that will revolutionise the medical imaging industry forever. $1.5bn in VC funding has been ploughed into companies developing solutions whose tech promises to transform diagnosis and improve operational efficiency. We talk to five of them who've commercialised products in 2019/20, for-profit operators using them, and look at the sector in detail in this long-read feature.

Metropolis buys big in India, targets further growth

India-based lab group Metropolis Healthcare has bought big in South India, acquiring a network of 31 laboratories and 68 collection centres to its network. The combined entity confirms its position as the second-largest diagnostics company in India and the largest brand in South and West India. Further acquisitions by large Indian diagnostics players are expected.

Appointment of new Artemis CEO lends weight to sale rumours

The CEO of Artemis Group, Germany's second largest ophthalmology chain by revenue, is stepping down from his position as CEO next week to be replaced by the former MD of German rehabilitation specialist Median Kliniken, who is also an ex McKinsey & Company consultant and investment house managing director. A source tells us this is being done in anticipation of a sale.

Muted electronic patient record rollout in Germany

Just 2% of publicly insured Germans have registered to see their electronic patient record (ePA) since access was made mandatory at the beginning of the year. Many either don't know it exists or are worried about data privacy, HBI hears. That settles some answers to the question of whether it's worthwhile giving patients access to their own data.

Biogroup ‘buying’ €100m French lab

France's largest lab group Biogroup is reportedly continuing its consolidation of the French market and in exclusive negotiations to acquire much smaller competitor Oriade Noviale.

Rede d’Or’s payors losing market cap

Analysts covering Brazil's largest private hospital Rede d'Or have projected a 25% rise share price after its $2.2bn IPO last month. However, the sustainability of its fee-for-service business model in the long-term has been questioned by some. Its insurers are slowly losing market cap to integrated players.

Goodgrower buys back 20% Vithas stake, with HM merger “impossible”

Spain's second-largest for-profit hospital chain Vithas will be 100% owned by the founding Gallardo family after their family office Goodgrower agreed to buy the 20% stake held by Criteria Caixa, a bank investment arm. What does it mean for Vithas' M&A plans and the rumoured merger with rival HM Hospitales? We talk to a Spanish advisor.

‘Interest’ in Everlight despite COVID hit to teleradiology

Private equity has reportedly rekindled interest in UK-Australia teleradiology group Everlight Radiology, over a year after owner ICG kickstarted a sales process before COVID hit. But with UK competitor Medica revealing a 20% drop in revenue for the year because of the pandemic, how likely is a sale?

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