Private Chinese hospitals in good health

Consulting group L.E.K. has released the results of its analysis Hospital Priorities 2022 (China edition). The survey of 120 hospital executives explains the sector’s focus points and achievements thus far and the implications of these priorities for pharma and medtech firms.

Metropolis denies it is open to bidders

Metropolis Healthcare, the big Indian diagnostic and pathology group, is determined to forestall potential predators despite talk of a $1bn joint bid from hospital chain Apollo and conglomerate Adani Group.

Cybersecurity double interview: Trevor Dearing (Illumio) and Ed Williams (Trustwave)

The number of ransomware attacks targeting the healthcare sector is increasing exponentially. Multiple recent surveys have found that it is now one of the most targeted sectors of the economy, with as many as one in three of the world’s healthcare organisations being targeted in 2020. This poses a major threat not just to healthcare organisations' finances but also lives. We speak to two cybersecurity experts to find out what healthcare operators can do to protect themselves and their patients.

Fresenius Helios launches revolutionary primary care offer

Fresenius Helios plans to become the first and only global health care service player by rolling out its Curalie telehealth plus a prefab diagnostic unit (the Cube) starting in Vietnam in October. Deals are being struck with governments in Ghana and Kenya for the group to offer primary care for €10 per cap. to millions. We talk to Fresenius Helios CEO Franceso de Meo.

Turkish groups look for lira depreciation workarounds

The Turkish Lira has been consistently depreciating, losing three-quarters of its US dollar value in the last five years. HBI speaks with an operator source, as well as consultants and operators from Turkey, to find out their strategy to hedge against a worsening exchange rate.

“For sale” Fresenius creates new $2.4bn business

As Germany-based healthcare conglomerate Fresenius looks to simplify the group's structure, selling off non-core parts of a business which currently spans hospitals, dialysis, pharma, rehabilitation and more, it is building a $2.4bn new business partnership in the US. We speak to an EU-based source familiar with Fresenius to put this all in context.

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