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Dental models that benefit both customers and clinicians

A huge benefit of outpatient models is the ability to lower barriers for customers through locations, longer operating hours and more convenience. But what impact does this have on the happiness of clinicians? Through the lens of dental services, this session features CEOs discussing how they have balanced the needs and demands of both groups, […]

Opportunities in Nursing Homes

Growth projections have always been difficult in the elderly care sector – and now even challenged as a result of Covid- 19 and scandals which rocked the sector in 2022. Our panel of experts share their views on the opportunities and challenges as we look ahead to the next 3 years. Speakers include: Buyanzaya Batbileg, […]

Opportunities in Mental Health

The world faces a mental health pandemic. How far can this be met by digital therapeutics and how can operators consolidate this fragmented sector? And how far are more acute psychiatric needs being addressed in the for-profit sector? Participants include Andre Schmidt, Group CEO Median, the biggest German rehabilitation group which acquired the Priory, the […]

Ukraine Minister of Health Recovery to speak at HBI 2023

Ukraine has big plans to leverage the for-profit sector to rebuild its shattered health care system after the war. Oleksii Iaremenko, Head of Health Recovery at the Ukraine Ministry of Health is speaking at HBI 2023, June 19-21. Meanwhile we talk to fellow panelist Mark Hellowell, an academic at the University of Edinburgh who with the EBRD is sitting alongside Iaremenko on the Ukraine panel.

€1bn+ German outpatient group sale to shake up market

German out-of-hospital intensive care provider Deutsche Fachpflege is reportedly up for sale, in a deal that could value the company in excess of €1bn. HBI understands other players in the sector may also be coming up for sale in the coming months.

UK homecare group Optimo Care expanding

UK homecare provider Optimo Care is pursuing an aggressive growth strategy through acquisitions. It has just bought Colchester-based complex care provider My Life Choice. This follows the acquisition of Mayday Homecare, a provider of homecare services in Bolton and Bury, in August. The company plans to make several more acquisitions in 2023.

Germany’s fascinating ventilator market

"In the UK these people would probably get palliative care," says Prof Michael Isfort at the Deutsches Institut für angewandte Pflegeforschung. He is talking about the German ventilation market. An operator reckons there are 25,000 patients on intensive care for respiration, many of whom are on ventilators. That compares to 4,000 patients on ventilators in the UK at the height of Covid. Most German patients are in the outpatient sector and some are in for-profit centres run by private equity-backed businesses. Statutory insurers are trying to cut costs after a new law IPReG (Intensive Care and Rehabilitation Strengthening Act) was passed in October 2021.  Meanwhile, Opseo, one of the three big players may sell this autumn for a price tag of €1bn.

Reforms enable Ambea to raise its social care presence in Denmark

Ambea Group, a major quoted Scandinavian care provider, has been actively buying social care companies in Denmark. We look at why Ambea has been buying in a country which has a history of hostility to for-profit health care and now has a leftist, Social Democrat government.

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