Assisted Living


Elderly capacity nowhere near enough to meet growing dementia need

In this week's infographics, prepared by strategy consultancy L.E.K. for HBI 2022, we look at the massive growth that will be seen in the number of elderly people with dementia across major European countries by 2030 alongside elderly care capacity in those countries.

New Dutch cabinet looks to shift elderly out of care homes

Elections in the Netherlands last year saw Mark Rutte, the Liberal prime minister, return for a fourth term, and belatedly we now have a new cabinet. Could we see a new direction for healthcare following this new mandate?

UK social care reform ‘nowhere near enough’

The UK government will spend £3.6bn on paying 'a fairer cost' for adult social care, in new plans that also set aside £500m on workforce and training, £300m on elderly care housing, and £150m on digitalisation as part of a long-awaited reform. Experts tell HBI that it is 'nowhere near enough'.

HBI 2021: Assisted living attracting institutional investors

Institutional investors are snapping up half of all new assisted living projects as they collectively up their stakes in the sector. An expert panel at HBI 2021 said that they are recognising the market as a long-term and steady investment.

Assisted living opportunity is in mid-market

To date, for-profit assisted living providers have focused more or less exclusively on providing luxury retirement villages to relatively wealthy retirees. This is the case across Europe, but is particularly evident in Germany.

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