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Orpea’s Refoundation Plan – one year on

One year ago Laurent Guillot, the new CEO of French nursing home operator Orpea, presented ‘ORPEA CHANGE! WITH YOU AND FOR YOU’ to shareholders. After a turbulent time, HBI speaks to two market experts asking - is the recovery plan on track?

Fresenius bans bonuses and ditches dividend for energy payout

Healthcare conglomerate Fresenius has suspended dividends and bonuses for the management board as a result of legislation which gives it €300m in energy price relief. The conglomerate has stated it will “examine” legal options as it believes the law is “unconstitutional”. HBI speaks to two expert sources to find out more.

Interview: Audrey Tsang, Co-CEO, Clue

Women’s health offers a huge opportunity for investors, with conditions like endometriosis underserved. What business models can help support this? Audrey Tsang is co-CEO at women's health app company Clue. She talks to HBI about how she thinks the gender health gap might be closed.

NHS struggling to fund outsourcing needs

HBI hears financial pressure on the UK NHS is making it increasingly difficult to outsource to the private sector – but with waiting lists worse than expected, there are still opportunities for for-profit operators. Who is most likely to take advantage?

Interview: Ty Greenhalgh, Healthcare Industry Principal at Medigate by Claroty

Hospitals have thousands of electronic devices - devices which increasingly are all connected to one another on one big network. The number of devices is so vast that most hospitals have very limited knowledge about what all of them are and what they are all doing at any given time. Ty Greenhalgh, healthcare industry principal for Cybersecurity firm Claroty’s Medigate platform for health care operators, explains to HBI why this is such a big problem, from both a cost management and a cybersecurity perspective, and how technology can help.

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