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Low key Latvia sale kicks off Orpea refocusing

Last week, French nursing home operator Orpea initiated the start of the partial sale of its €1.2bn real estate portfolio, commencing with its Latvian presence - a singular retirement home in Riva. This low key sale marks the first small step in a major three-year plan to refocus its geographies. HBI speaks to a market expert to find out more.

Interview: Jason Powell, Co-CEO, UK Vein Clinic Group 

We look at how to build a dynamic, low-cost outpatient chain which delivers high quality care and at the UK venous market more generally with Jason Powell, whose UK Vein Clinic Group looks set to grow revenue 50% in 2024, after doubling sales in 2023.  

The AI revolution in oncology

The AI revolution is coming for oncology, according to CEO Ralph Hefti who helms pan-European radiotherapy group Stingray Healthcare. We catch up with the HBI 2023 panelist to find out more.

Germany looks to emerging markets for care workers

As an aging population compounds Germany’s workforce crisis, the search for staff continues to expand outside Europe. With the government launching an initiative to attract skilled care workers from Brazil and beyond, HBI speaks to two market experts to find out more.

Another German nursing home restructuring due to financial issues

Last month Berlin-based Dorea - a subgroup of European care homes Groupe Maisons de Famille - became the latest German nursing home operator to file for restructuring due to financial difficulties. As the number of companies financially struggling ramps up at an alarming rate and in quick succession, HBI speaks to two market experts to find out what’s going on.

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