More questions for Babylon

The more you look at the Babylon SPAC deal, the more black box it looks. The sheer complexity of the US insurance system makes it impossible for investors to assess its prospects with any accuracy. And then there is the question of the $230m sale of shares made by "certain accredited investors". How much of this went to Babylon founder Ali Parsa?

Interview: Alexandra Prieux, CEO, ALCEDIAG

A pioneering blood test which helps clinicians diagnose bipolar disorder will come to market shortly. HBI catches up with Alexandra Prieux, CEO at France-based ALCEDIAG, which should be first to market with the first of what could be a series of tests.

HBI Interview: Carlos Nueno, President, International, Teladoc 

How fast is the world outside America adopting telehealth and digital care in all its forms? Who better to ask than Carlos Nueno, president International for Teladoc Health, which ties with Ping An from China for the title of the world’s largest telehealth operator. So, what new business models are being rolled out and when? And how are countries adopting the new technology?

US homecare tech specialist buys Home Instead

US-based homecare tech specialist Honor Technology has acquired Home Instead, the global leader of franchise homecare services. The deal creates a global homecare group worth more than $2.1 billion in homecare revenue.  HBI chats with sources including Home Instead's UK CEO to find out what the deal means for markets outside of the United States.

FREE BLOG Is value health dead?

A decade ago value health was flying high. Launched by Harvard guru Michael Porter in 2006 the idea was enthusiastically espoused by Barak Obama and central to Obamacare. Then along came Trump. Meanwhile, the fiendish complexity of health care has stymied efforts. So where is it now? ICHOM 2019 in Rotterdam with 1,250 delegates was a great place to find out.

Spanish hospital group continues expansion in South America

Grupo Hospiten, a Spain-based hospital group with a presence in South America, has opened a new hospital in Mexico. We speak to the company's corporate medical director about its business, its market and its strategy in the region.

Hospitals in our pockets: the future of African healthcare

Before British primary care digital health player Babylon came along, the Rwandan government had never signed a contract with a private healthcare provider. A universal healthcare coverage scheme called Mutuelles de Santé had been operating in the country since 1999, but ten years later was spending 9.7% of GDP on health. The government and its citizens needed a means to make healthcare more accessible and affordable: so in 2016 it invited a private digital health platform to help connect patients to doctors.

FREE BLOG HBI Awards 2018: Sub-$1,000, whole genome sequencing

Veritas has cut the price of whole genome sequencing to below $1,000, including results and insights on 1,200 conditions, 70+ traits and 200 drug interactions via an app. Any physician or consumer can order their whole genome sequence and interpretation online.  The judges felt the huge price cut in whole genome sequencing made Veritas the category winner.

Building international homecare businesses

Domiciliary homecare is regarded with much scepticism by private equity and many large nursing home groups. How do you build quality?  How do you compete with mom'n'pops? But some groups are definitely building scale internationally.

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