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FREE BLOG Ramsay bids for Capio: an analysis

As reported last week, Australian giant Ramsay has bid for European hospital group Capio. Here we look at what could be the biggest operator deal in Europe since Fresenius bought Quironsalud two years ago. Does Ramsay's bid really undervalue Capio, will other bidders enter the fray, and could this move lead to a break-up of the company?

FREE BLOG The private world of the NHS

Radio 4, the BBC's semi-intellectual talk channel, ran an interesting programme, the Private World of the NHS. Presenter Adrian Goldberg went through the various ways the NHS works with the private sector, which spends (gasp, shock, horror) 8p in every pound on services provided by the private sector. So what does it tell us about attitudes?

FREE BLOG It’s the labour shortages, Stupid

Its not the lack of money or new tech which will finally kick start public sector healthcare systems into massive change. It's the massive labour shortages which are opening up now.

FREE BLOG Could this year mark a turning point for telemedicine?

Do recent legislative moves in Russia, Germany and China legalising telemedicine mark a turning point for an industry which is yet to fulfil its potential? Or will resistance from the medical profession, concerns over cherry-picking and restrictive public contracts continue to hold it back?

FREE BLOG Consolidating primary healthcare

Technology, properly applied, can make a heck of a difference to primary care. So will it lead to consolidation? A big Swedish group says that its primary care doctors now see twice as many doctors in a day after introducing a digital health frontend which offers chatbots and human chat. In fact, Swedish telehealth player […]

FREE BLOG 11 things we learned from HBI 2018

Many hundreds of you attended our conference HBI 2018 – Going for Growth at the QEII Centre in the heart of London last week. Here are eleven things we learned from the two-day event.

FREE BLOG Disruptors are bypassing operators to go straight to the patient

Ali Parsa, the entrepreneurial founder of digital healthcare company Babylon, is happy to work with operators - but he doesn't think it's necessary or always the best option, as his recent agreement with Chinese social media and messaging giant WeChat shows. Healthcare Europa caught up with him at HBI 2018 to find out more.