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FREE BLOG Could this year mark a turning point for telemedicine?

Do recent legislative moves in Russia, Germany and China legalising telemedicine mark a turning point for an industry which is yet to fulfil its potential? Or will resistance from the medical profession, concerns over cherry-picking and restrictive public contracts continue to hold it back?

FREE BLOG Consolidating primary healthcare

Technology, properly applied, can make a heck of a difference to primary care. So will it lead to consolidation? A big Swedish group says that its primary care doctors now see twice as many doctors in a day after introducing a digital health frontend which offers chatbots and human chat. In fact, Swedish telehealth player […]

FREE BLOG 11 things we learned from HBI 2018

Many hundreds of you attended our conference HBI 2018 – Going for Growth at the QEII Centre in the heart of London last week. Here are eleven things we learned from the two-day event.

FREE BLOG Disruptors are bypassing operators to go straight to the patient

Ali Parsa, the entrepreneurial founder of digital healthcare company Babylon, is happy to work with operators - but he doesn't think it's necessary or always the best option, as his recent agreement with Chinese social media and messaging giant WeChat shows. Healthcare Europa caught up with him at HBI 2018 to find out more.

FREE BLOG Patient platforms emerge

It is the sheer volume of users that is most striking about today’s new patient platforms. Patient platforms have really taken off, that is the really notable thing from reviewing the entries for the Best Patient Platform HBI Business Model Innovation Award which will be given out tomorrow night at our awards dinner. Finalists include businesses with […]

FREE BLOG Care Delivery: Building integrated care for patients with many co-morbidities

The term integrated care can sometimes feel like an over-used buzzword.  So it can help to think about what it means for the very patients who are most often failed by existing fragmented systems of care. For Jonathan Darer that means those with complex co-morbidities and how they are treated across the medical system from acute to their homes. Here we to talk to Dr.Darer, Medical Director, Siemens Healthineers and former chief innovation officer at Geisinger to explore why and what integrated care for such patients should look like and how to best deliver it. Few healthcare systems in the world are yet capable of delivering a continuity of care experience that is needed for these complex patients.

FREE BLOG Assisted living is the key 

Imagine you are a European health or social services minister. Your hospital beds are clogged with older patients, many of whom are going to end up in nursing homes beds. Both are expensive for the state. Meanwhile, there is a housing shortage with many over 65s still living in family houses. 

FREE BLOG Tough times for hospitals in Europe

France and the UK are proving tough for hospital operators with falling revenues and margins, Germany, the Nordics and Spain are better. But across Europe, revenue growth is low thanks to budget ceilings, insourcing and DRG cuts.