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IVBAR spreads its wings

For-profit healthcare data platform the IVBAR Institute, which works for both payors and operators to analyse patient outcomes, is moving out of its native Sweden. We look at its business model and expansion plans. 

Waterland scotches Median for-sale rumours

Rumours that the private equity firm Waterland will sell the German rehabilitation giant have started to circulate. We put them to partner Dr Carsten Rahlfs and discussed the future of the market and acute care group ATOS.

Interview: Teo Sarda, Sphera Global Health Care

Operating in 25 countries and across four continents, Sphera Global Health Care is building a global network of local expertise. Working mainly with insurers, the group acts as a middle man to assist access to international-standard medical services through local infrastructure – if it is not available. We speak to CEO Teo Sarda.

MIMC receives foreign interest as government seeks legislative change

The Russian government may expand the favourable legislation surrounding the multi-billion dollar Moscow International Medical Cluster (MIMC) and foreign investment in it to expand beyond the Moscow region. Meantime, Israeli and South Korean operators have agreed to open branches, says Mikhail Yugay, CEO of IMC Foundation.

Academic Medical Centers Involvement in Foreign Markets: An American Perspective on a Multi-Billion Dollar Business: Presentation, Juan Carlos Negrette, University of Utah

Mayo, Johns Hopkins, Cleveland, UPMC and Texas Medical Centers have built huge revenue streams from patient referrals and affiliation programmes. Juan Carlos, formerly managing director at Johns Hopkins International, presents recent research including his estimates of revenue flows by group and dissects the business models, successful and unsuccessful, that they have deployed. What are the lessons for other players?