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Building a sub-brand to appeal to new consumers

When evaluating its patient base in the UAE in 2016, NMC found that the majority came from the Indian sub-continent and the general perception was that it was an Indian healthcare brand. To change this and to increase expat and Emirati patients, NMC introduced a new “Royal” brand of hospital, which focused on the preferences of expats and Emiratis for a personalised care service adding to the overall patient experience. The leading non-Royal brand NMC hospital has 45% of its patients from India, 2% Western expats and 8% UAE national. With the new Royal brand, this ratio was reversed with 45% UAE nationals, 10% Western Expats and 15% from India. Here is how.

Sphera spearheads expansion in Africa

Spanish operator Sphera Global Healthcare is expanding in Africa. Carlos Malet, co-founder and CFO, spoke to Healthcare Nova at HBI 2018 about the market for PPPs delivering efficient medical services in Africa.

The global healthcare market opportunity in the next few years

What does the global healthcare investment landscape look like? Where are the opportunities and how do they differ between Europe and emerging markets? With almost 100 delegates from Asia and dozens from other emerging markets at HBI 2018, our conference this year was global in outlook. Rothschild's head of Healthcare Services Hedley Goldberg summarised the global financial landscape for healthcare investment while local operators and investors shared where they think the opportunities lie.

“Hawaii of China” promotes international medical tourism

The "Chinese Hawaii" is being promoted heavily as an international medical tourism destination, with tax incentives and the promise of "accelerated construction" by a regional government keen to encourage international investor and operator interest. 

Medical tourists “will return to Egypt”

Dr Ismail Aboul Foutouh, the CEO and founder of IVF centre Bedaya Hospital, gives Healthcare Nova an overview of the biggest IVF provider sector the Middle East and says why he believes there will be a revival of medical tourism in the country.