German election threat to whole healthcare system

Potential winners of Germany's upcoming elections are pledging to abolish private medical insurance (PKV). The move could spell disaster for the whole healthcare sector: it accounts for 37% of all expenditure.

High profile resignations put Irish healthcare reform ‘in the balance’

Laura Magahy, executive director of the office charged with brining in Sláintecare - the blueprint for the future of healthcare in Ireland - resigned last week. So too did the chairman, Tom Keane. The Irish government has re-affirmed its commitment to the reforms which could have a significant effect on the way for-profit businesses operate in the country, but others say the process is “in the balance.” HBI talks to a local consultant to find out more.

Portugal’s PPP experiment all but dead

Politics has finally ended Portugal's public-private partnership (PPP) hospital experiment. Just one operator, Ribera Salud, bid for the renewal of the final contract rendering the competition process invalid. By the end of the year, all four of the once-privately managed hospitals will likely return to the public sphere.

Ramsay Sime Darby launches food banks

Two of Ramsay Sime Darby Malaysian hospitals have launched a food bank to support low income residents affected by the pandemic in the Klang Valley region.

The new group building a hospital for millennials

Portugal has a new private hospital company which is building specialised acute care framed around the consumer behaviour of millennials. Why does the sector need a new player? Because the traditional operators have more difficulty in deploying good digital transformation, the project's CEO tells HBI.

HCG sells Strand minority stake to Reliance

Indian oncology hospital group HealhCare Global Enterprises (HCG) has sold its minority stake in life sciences company Strand after buying in full its oncology lab and clinical trials business.

Waterland sells ATOS to ICG

Intermediate Capital Group (ICG) has bought ATOS Klinken, a group of orthopaedic clinics in Germany spun out from rehab group Median, from Waterland. 

Spire H1: revenue soars but profitability flat

UK hospital group Spire Healthcare's revenue in H1 2021 jumped 13.5% versus 2019, with self-pay up a whopping 47%. But profitability was still lower than two years ago and, despite the top-line growth eclipsing guidance, the group is still trading well below Ramsay's improved offer price that 30% of shareholders rejected. Will they regret that?

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