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UK government proposes sick leave reform

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak last month unveiled plans to tighten rules surrounding sick leave. The government’s initiative aims to address what he has termed the UK's "sick note culture" by proposing a significant shift in responsibilities away from GPs to specialised work and health professionals.

Dutch primary care chain Co-Med faces financial stress and quality complaints

Co-Med, a Dutch primary care chain, is facing financial difficulty and possibly even bankruptcy. A part of the company that manages its call centre has already been declared bankrupt. The group has also been the subject of complaints regarding quality and (lack of) availability and timeliness of services, and being sued by former employees.

HoloCare wins €8.9m to improve surgery with holograms 

Norwegian Medtech company HoloCare has been awarded an €8.9m grant to continue developing its cutting-edge AI-assisted technology that can turn a CT scan into a 3D image in a matter of minutes. HoloCare’s CEO, Alison Sundset, explains to us how this technology has the potential to improve surgery.

Spire apologises for NHS patient death

Spire, the UK’s largest for-profit hospital group by revenue, has apologised for the death of an NHS-funded patient that the company failed to transfer quickly enough to an NHS facility for intensive care.

What can be learnt from Korea’s doctor strike?

Junior doctors in South Korea are striking in protest of the government’s decision to increase the country’s cap on medical school places by 65%, claiming it would negatively impact the quality of medical education and not fix the country’s health care shortages. With workforce being a major issue in health systems across the world — and one that is set to become increasingly pressing as populations age — this could be a portent of what is to come elsewhere.

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