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NMC CEO standing down

Michael B. Davis, the CEO of the UAE's largest private sector healthcare provider, NMC Healthcare, is standing down. His last day with the group will be December 20, and he leaves having steered the group through the most trying years in its history. Once seemingly facing financial ruin, NMC came out of administration at the end of last year.

HBI 2022: Money alone isn’t the solution to the workforce crisis

There is a global war for talent being keenly fought. Workforce is one of - if not the - most pressing problems in the healthcare sector. Providers at HBI 2022 uniformly fretted over the need to acquire, and retain staff, and shared their views on how best to do this.

Building Digital Health Ecosystems

Digital health ecosystems will be the future of healthcare – are you ready? In essence, as a digital one-stop shop for patients to access healthcare services and manage their own health, it requires a collaborative approach and the formation of new partnership models. In this session we’ll examine what is exactly meant by a ‘digital […]

New Approaches to Training

With a soaring global shortage of health care professionals, operators have to re-strategise and develop innovative approaches to bridge the gap. In this case study-led session we’ll examine novel approaches to attracting the right people, developing in-house training programmes and increasing retention by becoming an ‘employer of choice’. Speakers include: Dr Jurgen Laartz, CEO and […]

Building Capacity and Care Pathways through Partnerships

How do governments best build capacity quickly? Through partnerships with the for-profit sector. Using the case study of diagnostic imaging networks in the UK and Nordics this session explores how partnerships enable new care pathways to be created, encompassing digital transformation, workforce development and improved patient experience. What other countries and sectors could this model […]

The Truth about AI

Has AI delivered for healthcare – yet? In this session we’ll explore what we know about AI today and how we can best shape our thinking about AI as a tool in the transformation toolkit. Through case studies we’ll look at scenarios where AI is delivering impact, providing a deep-dive into the practicalities of implementation. […]

Addressing the health workforce crisis

Workforce and capacity constraints are the biggest barrier to growth for health care. So what can operators do differently to increase capacity and throughput? What role can automation play to drive efficiency and optimise clinical staff time? How can the redeployment of non-clinical staff change workflows and increase productivity? We’ve selected three case studies to […]

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