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Delays in Oman for insurance and hospital construction

Private providers in Oman are still awaiting the introduction of mandatory insurance a year after the country's Capital Market Authority said it would be introduced. Experts suggest a new timeline of Q2 2020 but could construction news also point to further problems in both the public and private healthcare sectors?

Debts stacking up for NHI schemes

Nearly three years after the CEO of Ghana's National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) declared it "almost bankrupt", its President claims that his party has cleared the GHS1.2bn ($200m) debt. The country isn't alone in having stacked up debt: HBI looks at the arrears of NHI schemes across emerging markets.

Brazilian M&A shows “territory war” for the South

This year, Brazilian healthcare has been characterised by a flurry of activity from two vertically integrated insurers in particular. The most intense competition has occurred in the affluent South, where providers are battling it out for market share.

Five things we learnt at the Budapest Private Health Forum

This week HBI attended Portfolio's private healthcare forum in Budapest. We got an update on the country's ongoing insurance reform, the latest consolidation efforts and limp towards digitalisation. Here are our key takeaways: 

Notre Dame Intermedica acquires in South Brazil

Brazilian vertically integrated payor-provider Grupo Notre Dame Intermédica (GNDI) has acquired Clinipam, an operator in the South of Brazil, as it attempts to keep pace with rival Hapvida. The two are battling it out for market share on the most competitive part of the market.

Interview: Anders Lönnberg, Politician, Health Care expert, Sweden

Joyously replete with war stories lost and won, Lönnberg, a combative diabetic and social democratic politician has spent the past thirty years fighting for change in health care. So what has he learnt about how health care works? And what is the solution?

FREE BLOG New HBI pipeline tool reveals long-held investments 

Nearly a third of all private equity-owned health care businesses in Europe have been held for at least five years, according to the new HBI Deals Pipeline tool. That suggests many private equity houses are struggling to sell on their investments.

UnitedHealth replaces CEO of Brazilian operations

UnitedHealth Group (UHG), the largest private healthcare company in the world by revenue ($226bn) and owner of Brazilian insurer Amil, has replaced the CEO of its Brazilian operations with an executive from Amil itself. The change coincides with the group's Q3 results.

Unilabs and Ribera Salud JV loses lab outsourcing contract

BR Salud, the Spanish JV owned by Unilabs and Ribera Salud, has lost its multi-million euro public contract to the country's fourth-largest lab group Analiza. It was worth, HBI estimates, 15-20% of Unilabs' Spain revenue.

A poacher turns gamekeeper: Austrian health care reform     

After 19 years as a health care services expert working as an investment banker, analyst and consultant, Martin Brunninger has returned to his native Austria to become director-general for healthcare and social care. In this role, he is responsible for reforming the entire health and social care system under the new reformist conservative coalition government which came to power in December 2017 and is likely to hold power for a few years. We talk to Brunninger about the likely changes and his change in role.

Notre Dame Intermedica launches insurance for elderly and acquires rival

Brazilian insurer Grupo Notre Dame Intermedica (GNDI, or Intermedica) has launched a cut-price insurance plan for retirees, a move that puts it in competition with São Paulo based provider Prevent Senior. It has also acquired an insurer in the South. We discuss these developments with a local healthcare expert.

AAR Healthcare teams up with e-payment platform in Kenya

Kenyan insurer and healthcare service provider AAR Healthcare says it is tackling low uptake and fraud by allowing customers to pay for treatment and manage medical payments with their mobile through a new partnership with e-payment system M-TIBA.

FREE BLOG Insurers – the quiet revolution

On the face of it little has changed in health care insurance. An antagonistic game continues to play out between insurers and providers with the former disputing prices and the latter grumbling about tariff cuts. Value health has yet to deliver. Insurers are sceptical of its complexity and providers who seek to demonstrate quality tell us that insurers are not interested in paying extra or even recognising them. Consumers continue to have no clear idea of quality.  

Brazilian insurer “not for sale”, but Hapvida continues to be the one to watch

Brazilian health insurer Clinipam may be the target of four prospective buyers according to local reports – but the company denies it is for sale despite its apparent suitors. We speak to a Brazilian healthcare expert who tells us that Hapvida is the one to watch, and talk about its prospective targets and strategy.

How insurers are delivering preventative care through tech

HBI speaks to Hong-Kong-based insure tech startup CareVoice about how its solution supports insurers to deliver more bespoke plans in China, following its $10m Series A. As most global insurers are trying to pivot from being gatekeepers to caregivers, can solutions that provide preventative support help?

Integrated healthcare: What works, what doesn’t

What is integrated health care as practiced today in Europe? What can it deliver? And what are the barriers to its adoption>?  We look at the lessons from three large projects that have all run for over a decade - The Wigan Deal (UK), Tiohundra (Sweden) and Kinzigtal/OptiMedis (Germany). All three will present at the HBI Policy Summit, April 20-22, 2020, London. 

Amil under pressure as business is restructured

UnitedHealth Group (UHG) is implementing cost-cutting measures to improve Brazilian insurer Amil's balance sheet and has laid off 300 employees as it restructures operations.

UnitedHealth Group “is coming to Europe”

A source close to US giant UnitedHealth Group, the largest private healthcare company in the world with 2018 revenues of $228bn, tells us to expect substantial expansion in Europe within the next 3-5 years.

Interview: Peter Graf, CEO, Tiohundra

Uniquely, we think in Europe, Tiohundra, an organisation serving a municipality of 62,000, has fully merged social care and health care delivery. Social care (elderly care, disabled care, homecare, psychiatry) and health care (hospitals and primary care) – have been melded in to a single organisation. So what are the learnings? And are we going […]

Share prices plummet at prospect of health insurance ‘ban’ in South Africa

Shares in South Africa's biggest health insurer have plunged 20% since the publication of a new NHI bill which proposes 'banning' health insurance for the vast majority of healthcare funding. Private hospital share values have also taken a nose-dive. HBI speaks to Discovery's CEO and assesses who else might be hit by the changes.

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