HBI 2022: How digitalisation is driving a service revolution

The arguments for digitalisation in healthcare services are well-established, and thanks to the pandemic, hybrid models are coming more and more to the fore. How is digitalisation being used to improve financial outcomes, and how is data being used to deliver unprecedented proactive and preventative measures? 

Abu Dhabi signs Israeli MoUs for population health

Abu Dhabi will work with Israel's largest payor-provider Clalit and its largest hospital Sheba Medical Centre in two separate MoUs that promise to work on population health management, genome sequencing and digital health services.

Italy leads Europe on ‘no jab, no job’ rule

Under new measures introduced by Mario Draghi’s government at the end of April 2021 healthcare workers who refuse the vaccine will be transferred, demoted, or suspended without pay.

Vaccines causing minimal headwinds in COVID-19 testing volumes

HBI analysis of COVID-19 testing volumes and pricing reveals how vaccine programmes and the rise of antigen tests might impact future growth for the lab groups. PCR volumes and have dropped 16% in the UK since it started vaccinating its population and one lab group is expecting a 35% to 50% drop in COVID revenue this year.

$3bn Imaging AI sector will re-shape industry after watershed 2019/20

Imaging AI solutions which can read images just as well as radiologists are now demonstrably effective medical products that will revolutionise the medical imaging industry forever. $1.5bn in VC funding has been ploughed into companies developing solutions whose tech promises to transform diagnosis and improve operational efficiency. We talk to seven of them who've commercialised products in 2019/20, operators using them, and look at the sector in detail in this long-read feature.

HBI 2020: The future of domiciliary homecare – meeting an insatiable demand

In many markets there is a growing, perhaps even an insatiable demand for unskilled homecare. Is it a sector where it is possible to make money, and how? Is reimbursement sufficient? How do you attract and retain staff? And what effect is COVID having on the market? An expert panel at HBI 2020 considered all this, together with the biggest risks, and best opportunities, as we all dare to look forward to a more normal life in 2021.

Labs bounce back and eye opportunities

A v-shaped recovery, new markets, new customers, new entrants, new technology and the ear of big government: the HBI 2020 diagnostics panel discussion reveals new opportunities.

Spain and Israel’s GPs among worst paid in OECD

Spain and Israel's General Practitioners (GPs) rank among the worst paid in the OECD when accounting for purchasing power. HBI looks at a new healthcare salary index to compare pay across the world.

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