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FREE BLOG Could Abraaj’s difficulties cool interest in investing in poorer markets?

Healthcare Nova has been reporting regularly on the worsening troubles facing Abraaj, the under-fire global investment institution investing in markets across Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Turkey. It has displayed impressive – and laudable – ambition, striving to assemble massive healthcare networks in larger, poorer, cities. But as other investment firms now pick over the bones of what is left of Abraaj’s grand designs, will this put other large investors off putting money into heathcare in emerging markets?

FREE BLOG China 2030 programme is opening the door to foreign operators

Regular readers will have picked up on a recurring theme when it comes to the Chinese healthcare market – it’s notoriously difficult for foreigners to get a foothold. But no sooner had we written our most recent piece about this than a European operator called us up to tell us that despite the many pitfalls, there are substantial opportunities for those able to cut the right deals.

FREE BLOG Two more headaches for health operators looking at China

Breaking into the Chinese healthcare market is notoriously difficult for foreigners. It usually requires lengthy relationship cultivation or strong local partners to front up any deal - often both. One expert well grounded in introducing foreign investors to the market tells Healthcare Nova things are about to get even harder.

FREE BLOG It’s the labour shortages, Stupid

It’s not the lack of money or new tech which will finally kick-start public sector healthcare systems into massive change. It’s the massive labour shortages which are opening up now.

FREE BLOG Lack of legislation putting operators off in Saudi

At HBI 2018, talk about opportunities in MENA largely focused on Saudi Arabia, with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's "Saudi Vision 2030" expected to privatise or outsource vast swathes of the country's healthcare system. So why haven't we seen much interest from private operators yet, and why is a flood of contracts not being signed?

FREE BLOG Why big pharma will never move into health care services

A few  years ago, a senior manager from a large pharma company approached HBI and told us he had $500m to spend to build a healthcare service business - what should he do? Advisers tell of many similar calls. So why do they never come to anything? 

FREE BLOG The new Chinese e-health revolution

An e-health revolution is taking place in China. The communist party has thrown its weight behind online healthcare services - and is legislating accordingly. Telehealth operators are queuing up to both to capitalise and throw capital at this new opportunity to enter the vast Chinese markets.