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FREE BLOG Lack of legislation putting operators off in Saudi

At HBI 2018, talk about opportunities in MENA largely focused on Saudi Arabia, with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's "Saudi Vision 2030" expected to privatise or outsource vast swathes of the country's healthcare system. So why haven't we seen much interest from private operators yet, and why is a flood of contracts not being signed?

FREE BLOG Why big pharma will never move into health care services

A few  years ago, a senior manager from a large pharma company approached HBI and told us he had $500m to spend to build a healthcare service business - what should he do? Advisers tell of many similar calls. So why do they never come to anything? 

FREE BLOG The new Chinese e-health revolution

An e-health revolution is taking place in China. The communist party has thrown its weight behind online healthcare services - and is legislating accordingly. Telehealth operators are queuing up to both to capitalise and throw capital at this new opportunity to enter the vast Chinese markets.

FREE BLOG 11 things we learned from HBI 2018

Many hundreds of you attended our conference HBI 2018 – Going for Growth at the QEII Centre in the heart of London last week. Here are ten things we learned from the two-day event.

FREE BLOG Who will consolidate labs in emerging markets?

Outside of Brazil, India and China, the lab sector across emerging markets remains unconsolidated. But big assets in Mexico and SE Asia are coming up for sale. Who will move in? A minority stake in ProA, one of the largest Mexican chains with 2018 sales forecast at US$230m, is up for grabs. Elsewhere, Healthscope’s lab […]

FREE BLOG Emerging market players are a match for anyone

There is a view that big European and US operators have a management expertise which will enable them to enter emerging markets in their chosen sector be it hospitals, elderly care, rehab or labs. That isn’t true. On the contrary, we are seeing Emerging Market operators who are better, faster and cheaper than anything Europeans […]

FREE BLOG What we learned at Africa Healthcare Week 2018

Africa's brightest healthcare brains from the public, private and NGO sectors - and a lot of salesmen - flocked to London this week for Africa Healthcare Week, the largest healthcare event about the continent outside of the region. Healthcare Nova was there. Here are four of the things we learned from the two-day conference.

FREE BLOG Talking points at Arab Health

Arab Health took place last month in Dubai, with thousands of exhibitors looking to buy or sell everything from cutting edge high-end surgical equipment to mattresses. Here are some of the talking points we hear came out of the event.

FREE BLOG Make it in the Congo, you can make it anywhere

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the poorest countries in the world, 176th out of 187 countries according to the UN. It’s not an obvious first choice location to build a subscription-based healthcare service reliant on people paying privately. Even those who can pay something will not, in any great numbers, be able to pay much. So why do it?