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FREE What we learned at Africa Healthcare Week 2018

Africa's brightest healthcare brains from the public, private and NGO sectors - and a lot of salesmen - flocked to London this week for Africa Healthcare Week, the largest healthcare event about the continent outside of the region. Healthcare Nova was there. Here are four of the things we learned from the two-day conference.

FREE Talking points at Arab Health

Arab Health took place last month in Dubai, with thousands of exhibitors looking to buy or sell everything from cutting edge high-end surgical equipment to mattresses. Here are some of the talking points we hear came out of the event.

FREE Make it in the Congo, you can make it anywhere

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the poorest countries in the world, 176th out of 187 countries according to the UN. It’s not an obvious first choice location to build a subscription-based healthcare service reliant on people paying privately. Even those who can pay something will not, in any great numbers, be able to pay much. So why do it?

FREE The problem with investing in emerging markets

Private equity group Abraaj has been cleared of misappropriating funds from its US$1bn Abraaj Growth Markets Health Fund by the outside accountants hired by its investors following reports money had been mishandled. The saga highlights the difficulties and delays in deploying capital in emerging markets.

FREE China looks abroad

There are two striking things about our interview with Group CEO Charles Wang at Luye Medical. First is how long-term its strategy is and secondly, and most intriguingly, is how it plans to import models into China. Luye went out and purchased the third largest Australian hospital group and the second largest oncology player in […]

FREE Four things we learned in Singapore

HBI's senior reporter recently paid a visit to Singapore – a small country famed for its cleanliness, and sunny weather. She took the opportunity to meet healthcare providers based in the country to find out more.

FREE 20 perverse incentives and stupid things in health care services

Here is our New Year list of stupid things in health care services. It comes with a stupidity index where 10 is very stupid and an Easy to Fix index where 1 is very easy and 10 is all but impossible. Please give us your comments (in confidence!) and let us know of any additions you may have. Just email 

FREE Cultural treatments – essential or just what the witch doctor ordered?

Generally, healthcare operators across the world offer similar services, albeit with varying degrees of funding, efficiency, technology - and of course success. But occasionally, cultural differences throw up a service which is respected and relied on in one region, and yet ignored everywhere else.