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FREE BLOG Mapping the internationalisation of healthcare in 2018: what does it show?

We map out 2018's international expansion - and retreat - by healthcare operators in one infographic. It reveals clear trends, like; which regions are the most attractive, where sluggish growth is forcing expansion abroad and which sectors are internationalising fastest. But many big players have also cut their losses in foreign markets this year, so was it, on balance, a positive year for proponents of international diversification?

FREE BLOG Private sector can set example to the public

The private sector likes to brag about how it can introduce superior quality to emerging market health systems so it's refreshing to have this confirmed by those without an interest. Especially in a country where the price paid to private operators has been called into question.

FREE BLOG Why Brazil is following in America’s footsteps

Donald Trump isn't the only president on the other side of the Atlantic to turn a nation's political landscape on its head. Brazil's new populist president, Jair Bolsonaro, shocked pundits the world over by bagging the presidency - and showed the world he can be as vitriolic as his US counterpart, too. But the business world likes him.

FREE BLOG Will Khashoggi case fallout affect the Saudi healthcare market?

The CEOs of Siemens, Uber, Japan’s biggest bank and the US Treasury secretary pulled out of a conference in Saudi Arabia which started yesterday, in light of journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s death. Might this dampen international appetite for taking part in crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s healthcare reform process? Turkish president Erdogan yesterday branded the killing […]

FREE BLOG Here is why there are so few international chains in health care services

There are six main reasons why there are so few truly international players, outside of dialysis. You first have to recognise that health care services are far more complex than manufacturing, and by far the most complex service industry. It, therefore, reflects local cultures and politics in a way which a car manufacturing plant simply doesn't.

FREE BLOG The secret of Israeli healthcare

It is ironic that conferences on best practice in healthcare are dominated by Americans – the people who have the world’s most dysfunctional healthcare system. Israel and Taiwan are much better bets. So how do they do it?

FREE BLOG M&A is set to go Pan-Latam

There are relatively few Pan-Latam operators of any scale. The big exception is the integrated healthcare management organisations being built by UnitedHealth which is now the largest hospital operator in Brazil and Chile with positions in another half dozen countries. We think that is about to change.

FREE BLOG Counting the cost of universal health coverage

We find ourselves writing once again about universal health coverage this week, both in Indonesia where it has been introduced to large swathes of the population already, and India, where progress has been made but the initial programme has been delayed at least a month beyond its (now missed) launch date of last Wednesday.

FREE BLOG Efficiency, Quality and Relationships – the three parameters for any for-profit healthcare group

Stripping away M&A and financial things like indebtedness, all for-profit healthcare businesses will succeed or fail based on these three parameters. And all can be measured along them, too. They are: Efficiency creates higher EBITDA and competitiveness. Relationships whether B2B or B2C determine sales levels if you fulfil customer-perceived needs. Relationships are about trust and […]

FREE BLOG Is pilfering patients from the developing world ever okay?

When a healthcare giant with deep pockets says it will enter an emerging market, the cynic's reaction is to see an international referral stream. A non-profit once bemoaned to us that there is much truth in this. But what if it's the only way they'll agree to invest in the first place? And what if the good they do locally far outweighs the patients lost abroad?

FREE BLOG Could Abraaj’s difficulties cool interest in investing in poorer markets?

Healthcare Nova has been reporting regularly on the worsening troubles facing Abraaj, the under-fire global investment institution investing in markets across Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Turkey. It has displayed impressive – and laudable – ambition, striving to assemble massive healthcare networks in larger, poorer, cities. But as other investment firms now pick over the bones of what is left of Abraaj’s grand designs, will this put other large investors off putting money into heathcare in emerging markets?

FREE BLOG China 2030 programme is opening the door to foreign operators

Regular readers will have picked up on a recurring theme when it comes to the Chinese healthcare market – it’s notoriously difficult for foreigners to get a foothold. But no sooner had we written our most recent piece about this than a European operator called us up to tell us that despite the many pitfalls, there are substantial opportunities for those able to cut the right deals.

FREE BLOG Two more headaches for health operators looking at China

Breaking into the Chinese healthcare market is notoriously difficult for foreigners. It usually requires lengthy relationship cultivation or strong local partners to front up any deal - often both. One expert well grounded in introducing foreign investors to the market tells Healthcare Nova things are about to get even harder.

FREE BLOG Diaverum and Davita may lose massive Saudi contracts

The Saudi government is looking for cheap alternatives to current providers or a renegotiation of terms on its massive outsourced dialysis contracts worth half a billion dollars when they come up for renewal in 2019, Healthcare Nova has learnt. Other operators claim it could be done 20-25% cheaper than current costs.

FREE BLOG It’s the labour shortages, Stupid

It’s not the lack of money or new tech which will finally kick-start public sector healthcare systems into massive change. It’s the massive labour shortages which are opening up now.

FREE BLOG Lack of legislation putting operators off in Saudi

At HBI 2018, talk about opportunities in MENA largely focused on Saudi Arabia, with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's "Saudi Vision 2030" expected to privatise or outsource vast swathes of the country's healthcare system. So why haven't we seen much interest from private operators yet, and why is a flood of contracts not being signed?

FREE BLOG Why big pharma will never move into health care services

A few  years ago, a senior manager from a large pharma company approached HBI and told us he had $500m to spend to build a healthcare service business - what should he do? Advisers tell of many similar calls. So why do they never come to anything? 

FREE BLOG The new Chinese e-health revolution

An e-health revolution is taking place in China. The communist party has thrown its weight behind online healthcare services - and is legislating accordingly. Telehealth operators are queuing up to both to capitalise and throw capital at this new opportunity to enter the vast Chinese markets.

FREE BLOG 11 things we learned from HBI 2018

Many hundreds of you attended our conference HBI 2018 – Going for Growth at the QEII Centre in the heart of London last week. Here are ten things we learned from the two-day event.

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