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Intermedica tight lipped about plans to sell, IPO – or both

Intermedica, the private Brazilian payor-provider headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is refusing to comment on its prospective stock market flotation or sale - telling Healthcare Nova that, at this stage, it is “not allowed to comment on anything to do with IPOs or strategy”. But according to one sources in Brazil, Intermedica may go for a mix of both IPO and sale.

Egyptian efforts to engage foreign patients

Egypt, despite a rocky socio-political past, is being touted by the government as a venue for medical tourism. Healthcare Nova speaks to Ghada Ganzouri, board member and head of business development at Ganzouri Specialised Hospital (GSH) in Cairo, about the country's potential to become an international medical hub.

Stent price cap hurts Indian groups

Margins at Indian hospital groups are under pressure after the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) fixed the prices of stents last month, says Navneet Bali, COO of International Oncology Group Services.

Will labour reform ignite the Brazilian homecare market?

Next on the reform agenda for Brazil’s centrist-Temer administration is the 70-year old labour code, 900 articles that menace businesses and are often blamed for 12% unemployment. The homecare industry, which relies on informal labour, could be a major benefactor predicts the CEO of the country’s largest formal chain.