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Interview: Philips Indonesia CEO on how the private sector is benefiting from UHC

In 2014 the Indonesian government pledged to introduce universal health coverage to the world's fourth most populous country.  Healthcare Nova speaks to the CEO of healthcare focused tech company Indonesia Philips, Suryo Suwignjo, about how healthcare companies can see opportunity where others see impossibility, and how UHC is facilitating the growth of the private market.

Hospitals in our pockets: the future of African healthcare

Before British primary care digital health player Babylon came along, the Rwandan government had never signed a contract with a private healthcare provider. A universal healthcare coverage scheme called Mutuelles de Santé had been operating in the country since 1999, but ten years later was spending 9.7% of GDP on health. The government and its citizens needed a means to make healthcare more accessible and affordable: so in 2016 it invited a private digital health platform to help connect patients to doctors.

Where is the genetics industry headed?

The company to offer the first thousand dollar genome claims it will soon have a monopoly in genetics to rival that of Amazon in retail. In doing so, could Veritas Genetics finally deliver on the false promises of the industry and revolutionise healthcare as a whole? 

For-profit medical education – a survey

Public sector education is failing to build the nursing and doctor capacity that is needed around the world.  We talk to academic Kevin Kinser at PennState University in the USA who specialises in tracking the for-profit tertiary education sector about the sector in general and about healthcare specifically.  This is part of a series of articles on medical training and the private sector. 

The Philippines: a national survey

The Philippines has tremendous potential. It has one of the world’s fastest growing economies, and yet it doesn’t have many large healthcare service providers and it lacks a medical infrastructure sufficient to cope with all its residents’ needs. Healthcare Nova looks at the current market there, government policy, and how the private sector is changing.

Real solutions for retention and recruitment

Recruitment, retention and training are now the primary challenges for the healthcare services industry. The obvious solution to keeping staff - paying more – is no longer working. Private operators around the world are now fishing in a global market that's short of 15m healthcare workers. So what practical solutions are operators putting into force and what really works? We talk to 25 operators from across the world.