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Singaporean group IPOs as it targets digital solutions

Alliance Healthcare Group, provider of primary care and specialist clinics, has joined around 16 Singaporean healthcare services companies listed in Singapore, in preparation for a digital overhaul of its healthcare services. We speak to a finance expert and the CEO of a digital healthcare platform about the move.

Opportunities in LATAM

Panellists on the LatAm panel at HBI 2019 see good opportunities in the region thanks to booming demand, particularly as demographics shift from rural to urban bases, and with the growth of the chronic and elderly care markets. Increasing use of digital health tools and better data, plus the growth of the consumer market are also seen as positive factors for the market.

Ugandan government guarantees $380m loan for private hospital

The Ugandan government has sparked public outcry by guaranteeing a $380m loan to a private contractor from Italy to build and run a private hospital outside the capital Kampala. The country is estimated to be spending around $200m a year on treatment abroad, the majority on travel and non-medical expenses, and a few years ago […]

Improving insurance and pricing models in South East Asia

Both overtreatment and lack of access in South East Asian healthcare systems are pushing stakeholders to find innovative solutions to improving care. At HBI 2019 we heard key insights into these challenges from investor Fosun Healthcare Holdings and the CEOs of two care providers, teleconsultations platform MyDoc and homecare specialist Lotus Eldercare.

Does Value Health have a future?

Value health is the revolutionary idea pioneered by Harvard guru Michael Porter. He had the temerity to suggest providers should be rewarded for quality, rather than activity and that the patient should be viewed and consulted as customers. Invented in the early noughties, it hit a high water mark 7-8 years ago when Obamacare was rolled out incorporating the concept. Then it felt like an inexorable river.

TVM in JV with Ukrainian rehabilitation group

Dubai-based TVM Capital Healthcare has invested in a joint venture with a Ukrainian group whose founder pioneered a method of cerebral palsy rehabilitation. It is not the first Middle Eastern player to splash on East European rehab expertise.

Can Americans at TPG understand Emerging Market health care?

Private equity giant TPG Capital has signed a definitive agreement to manage now-defunct Abraaj's $1bn healthcare fund. Some investors may want a re-pivot towards greenfield projects in countries like Pakistan and Nigeria, we are told, while existing portfolio and fund staff may be growing frustrated at the Americans' slow decision-making.

Political risk and fighting fraud in MENA

Political risk in the Middle East and Africa is high, and at times unavoidable. But at HBI 2019, consultancy firm McDermott, Will & Emery (MWE) offered its advice on how to safely do business in the region.

UnitedHealth’s Amil de-lists chunk of Brazil’s biggest hospital chain

Brazilian payor-provider Amil, owned by UnitedHealth, has partially or fully de-listed almost half of Rede D'Or's hospitals, the country's largest operator, while its president talks about "not referring patients to anyone who is wasting money". One local source thinks this is the beginning of a massive tussle between the two giants, while another says their size makes a swift compromise inevitable.

Sub-Saharan Africa ‘ready for investment’

HBI reports from the Sub-Saharan Africa panel at HBI 2019, where Teo Sarda, CEO of Sphera, Dr Shrey Viranna, CEO of Life, and Audrey Obara, head of healthcare for Swedfund, talked about how to sustainably invest in Africa. 

What is the emerging markets landscape like post-Abraaj?

With several significant withdrawals by developed markets operators and the collapse of Abraaj in 2018, what does the emerging markets investment landscape look like? Investors focusing on Asia and Latin America discussed the challenges and opportunities at HBI 2019.

MLP Care plans consolidation

Turkey's largest independent private hospital group wants to consolidate the market by buying 9% of the country's for-profit hospitals over the next 2-3 years.

Everything digital at HBI 2019

If there was one overriding theme to come out of HBI 2019, it is that the future is digital - and in some cases, it's here. Ten per cent of Finland's population is registered to use Mehilainen's digital healthcare app, patients make 25k digital healthcare visits every month in Sweden, and 90% of the world's healthcare data has been created in the past two years.

Indian dental group introduces “it’s not-a-franchise” franchise model

When is a dental franchise not a franchise? According to Vikram Vora, the founder and CEO of affordable dental care specialist Sabka Dentist, when it has more to offer. HBI caught up with him at HBI 2019 to find out more about the franchise with benefits which he says could add up to 2,000 new practices within three years.

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