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Four Seasons revives portfolio sale, selling 11 homes

After a dragged-out sales process lasting over a year, UK care home operator Four Seasons Health Care (FSHC) has finally confirmed the conditional sale of some of its remaining homes. Eleven are due to sell for a total of £41.3m in cash. The deal is expected to be completed later this year.

Post Covid regulations in Spain could lead to care home closures

New regulations designed to protect an aging Spanish population post-Covid could see older, outdated care homes forced to close. HBI speaks to Alberto Fernandez, CEO of Madrid-based REIT Healthcare Activos to find out more about the risks and opportunities this presents.

Major outside hires at Orpea and AXA Health

This week, two major personnel changes were announced, one at the top of the French nursing home group Orpea and the other at UK health insurer AXA Health. Both names are outside hires, Fabienne Dulac from French telecoms company Orange France, and Heather Smith from financial service provider Allianz respectively.

Commissioners hurt UK care homes

UK nursing homes are facing record fines and the prospect of financial failure, but one market expert argues that providers shouldn’t be shouldering the burden alone. HBI investigates who or what exactly is to blame and what more can be done to alleviate pressures and improve the quality of care.

HC-One closes all Cambridgeshire homes

Large UK nursing home operator HC-One has confirmed the closure of its three remaining Cambridgeshire homes following extended embargoes placed on the operator by the council in the spring. The homes have been deemed “no longer operationally and financially viable”. HBI investigates.

Germany cuts red tape to recruit outside EU

This summer, a new immigration reform was passed to make it easier for workers from non-EU countries to relocate to Germany. An Indian organisation plans to train 2,000 nurses for the German market. HBI speaks to experts to find out who will make the most of the changes and if it’s the best course of action to combat labour shortages.

HC-One pilots flexible working for carers

UK nursing home operator HC-One has launched FlexForce, a flexible working initiative that hopes to ease staffing shortages by improving the sector’s notoriously low retention rates. The scheme is being rolled out to 269 homes, following a successful six month trial this June across the north of England and Scotland. 

Orpea sells 22 Dutch homes

This week, French nursing home operator Orpea announced the sale of 22 nursing home facilities in the Netherlands to Amvest Living & Care for €85m.

Orpea likely looking to sell in Belgium

Orpea Belgium’s 2022 results are public, and it doesn’t look good. Having suffered a historic loss approaching €400 million last year and with Orpea looking to sell its non core business, we ask a market expert whether and when divestment there looks likely.

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