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HC-One CEO stands down

The CEO of UK care home group HC-One has stepped down after three years in the job, and is returning to the United States. We speak to an operator source about the departure.

Filling an empty shift at short notice: disrupting agencies

Temporary agencies are expensive. Hiring a doctor through one in the UK can cost the NHS around €170 per shift and in Germany, the bill for a nurse comes in at anywhere between €70-€140. A handful of start-ups across Europe are deploying solutions to disrupt agencies and breakdown workforce silos. HBI looks at three - in the UK, France and Germany - to assess how the market is changing.

Korian targets top slot after large Dutch acquisition

Pan-European nursing home group Korian has made its largest Dutch acquisition to date, putting it in touching distance of rival Orpea for the number one market position in the Netherlands. We speak to a local consultant who gives us background on the assets.

UK lender targets care sector with new fund

A UK lender with a focus on small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) says it is turning its attention to lending opportunities across the healthcare sector with the appointment of a new director, and the creation of a new fund.

Esperi Care acquired by creditors

Troubled Finnish nursing home operator Esperi Care has been acquired by its creditors. Growth at the group is now on hold, and its new owners say they will be looking for a new buyer. We speak to the chairman of the board of Esperi's new holding company.

FREE BLOG Why German nursing home operators won’t be rattled by a single regulation

The first month of 2020 has already seen a couple of deals go through in Germany's most competitive healthcare market. Even a new regulation which came into force in September last year which stipulated that at least 80% of rooms in all facilities must be singles appears not to be dampening market enthusiasm for already established homes. Why is it so buoyant?

Property investor says it’s “time to go to Portugal”

After its first acquisition in the country in the second half of 2019, French healthcare real-estate investor Pierval Santé, subsidiary of Euryale Asset Management, tells us now is the time to invest in the Portuguese nursing home property market. We interview the director of Euryale on the acquisition and market.

Orpea’s Russian projects to take off in 2020

European nursing home giant Orpea, through its rehabilitation arm Clinea, signed MOUs in 2018 to build three clinics in Russia. This year, construction will start on two of these facilities and Orpea will also build a nursing home, its first entry into senior residential care in the country. We interview the CEO of Clinea, Emmanuel Masson.

Orpea founder sells his shares

Founder and ex-chairman of global nursing home operator Orpea, Jean-Claude Marian, has sold his stake in the company, potentially pocketing €450m.

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