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Fullerton founders charged with bribing insurer

The three founders of Asia-Pacific occupational health care provider Fullerton Healthcare have been charged for paying bribes to the (now former) CEO of insurance and professional services firm Aon Singapore. A regional source tells us this is an example of the risks that come with having a more free-wheeling private health sector.

Three things we learned at Global Health, Riyadh

HBI attended the Global Health Exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and saw first-hand how the country is changing ahead of its 2030 transformation plan. Here are our three key takeaways from the event.

HBI 2023: Models that cover more people

Insurers are making fundamental changes to health care delivery. A lively discussion at HBI 2023 explored the changing relationship between private medical insurance, the providers who are delivering new models, and the rise of employee paid insurance.

HBI 2023: Healthcare regulation – opportunities and risks

Regulatory changes are one of the major concerns among players in healthcare services. A busy panel of lawyers, operators and investors considered this thorny issue at HBI 2023, with a general feeling that even the strictest of regulations can provide some kind of opportunity, and that private funding is so essential a component in health care today, it cannot be legislated away.

Merger strengthens Medigold’s occupational health offering

Medigold, one of the UK’s largest occupational health care providers, is acquiring Health Management, a major competitor, in a deal that will make it the UK's largest provider of occupational health in terms of number of employees covered.

Good growth but profit problems for Terveystalo and Attendo in 2022

Elderly care group Attendo and outpatient group Terveystalo, two pan-Nordic giants with over a billion in revenue, struggled to turn a profit in 2022. This was despite strong (organic) revenue growth, set against a backdrop of rising inflation. HBI looks at the newly released results of both groups to find out more. 

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