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Elderly capacity nowhere near enough to meet growing dementia need

In this week's infographics, prepared by strategy consultancy L.E.K. for HBI 2022, we look at the massive growth that will be seen in the number of elderly people with dementia across major European countries by 2030 alongside elderly care capacity in those countries.

Twenty things that we learned at HBI 2022

HBI 2022, the year’s largest CxO-level for-profit healthcare services conference, took place in central London this week. The conference stages and the floor were awash with interesting ideas, staggering statistics, suggestions for building a better business and the buzz of new friendships being formed. As always, there were new things to learn. Here are twenty […]

FREE BLOG NHS bad, Bismarck good

There was profound pessimism about Westminster-style NHS healthcare systems on display at the European Healthcare Policy Group (EHPG). And even more pessimism about integrated healthcare, the latest buzzword from NHS England.

FREE BLOG Covid fears being replaced by familiar worries

As the threat posed by Covid largely recedes in most European countries and beyond, the collective attention of those working in healthcare services has returned to the familiar challenges which never went away, but were masked by the more immediate and headline-grabbing threat of the pandemic. Three immediately spring to mind following HBI 2022 this week: 1) Finances, and the threat of recession. 2) Where to find staff, and how to retain them. 3) The rise of the importance of the patient experience.

FREE BLOG Did we get Covid vaccination wrong?

There will be many aspects of the world’s response to Covid-19 that will be debated for years to come. Were governments too rash and draconian in their imposition of lockdowns? Or were they too slow and hesitant, costing thousands of lives? Was it appropriate to more or less completely halt elective care for months on end? Or was this unavoidable to prevent hospitals overflowing? Was it right to ban relatives from saying goodbye to their quarantined loved ones, or to effectively put mental health patients in solitary confinement (as happened in many NHS trusts in the UK)? How effective were mandates to wear masks in public places? 

Adoption and drivers of Digital Health Platforms by insurers

This week our infographic shows some of the key findings from the Digital Health Engagement Institute’s (DHEI) survey around the adoption and drivers of Digital Health Engagement Platforms (DHE Platforms) in the life and health insurance industry.

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