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European private healthcare sector’s 2019 growth in one chart

Looking at c.200 of Europe's largest healthcare operators' 2019 revenue figures using the latest data from HBI Intelligence gives a snapshot of the sector. How does the picture differ internationally and by sub-sector based on our recent update?

Video consultations in the UK fell during COVID-19

For all the talk of COVID-19 pushing ahead the digitalisation of healthcare, the use of video consultations in both actual numbers and as a percentage of consultations in primary care fell during the pandemic's peak. Recent headlines talk about 48% of primary care being delivered digitally, but most of these were telephone calls.

FREE BLOG COVID reshapes the sector

Here are three recent quotes which would have been unbelievable in January. "We realise now that we can manage with half the 140 consulting rooms we had planned" Henrik Schødts, deputy CEO, Nordsjællands Hospital.  "We have seen telehealth rise 500%" Arjan Toor, CEO, Cigna Europe.  "We are doing 80% of our emergency consultations by telehealth," Dr Peter Thomas, director of digital innovation and consultant paediatric ophthalmologist, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London. 

FREE BLOG Is M&A back in business?

COVID has clearly had a chilling impact on healthcare services M&A over the last few months. Some deals have fallen through. Some M&A-focused teams have seen their numbers paired. Some deals are simply on hold. As we emerge from lockdown, however, HBI hears there are positive signs of returning to business as normal.

West Europe’s for-profit hospitals ramp up as financial protections phased out

For-profit hospitals across West Europe are ramping up activity as governmental financial protections are slowly phased out, but it’s taking much longer than in outpatient facilities and varies wildly from country to country. Why? HBI looks at the situation in Germany, France, Switzerland, the UK and Ireland. From July 1, German hospitals are no longer […]

28 million cancelled surgeries worldwide

A study published in the British Journal of Surgery estimates that 28.4 million operations have been cancelled worldwide in the 12 weeks of peak disruption of hospital services due to COVID-19. For this week's infographic, HBI painstakingly plotted the figures against population size to see where people have been most affected.

When did electives stop?

As infections arcs in Europe start their downward trend, hospital operators are eagerly discussing a return to routine surgical activity. We look at when different countries and cities' imposed restrictions and when a normalisation could occur. 

FREE BLOG The impact of COVID on for-profit health care

Here at HBI we are in the middle of a detailed and ambitious project on its impact on the industry we track. How and where will COVID affect hospitals, labs, nursing homes and the twenty other sub-sectors that together make up for-profit healthcare?

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