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Rutherford Health to go into liquidation

The for-profit oncology group which holds roughly half the UK's proton beam capacity and has invested over £240m in capex is to go into liquidation, thanks to the pandemic and NHS indifference. In the UK just 1% of acute cancer patients get proton compared to 10% in Europe and 20% in the USA. What is likely to happen next?

Ramsay Santé seals GHP acquisition with 96.6% of shares

Ramsay Santé, the European branch of multinational hospital giant Ramsay Healthcare, has sealed the deal for its acquisition of listed Swedish specialty care provider GHP Specialty Care, having obtained 96.6% of its shares before the closing of the initial acceptance period on Friday, April 22.

Artemis founder speaks out after damning documentary on primetime TV

A primetime ‘exposé’ of how private equity operates in the German ophthalmology market had some of its largest operators in its crosshairs last week. We talk to the founder of Artemis Augenkliniken, who was interviewed on camera, and a specialist healthcare lawyer, for their take on hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Fresenius Helios launches revolutionary primary care offer

Fresenius Helios plans to become the first and only global health care service player by rolling out its Curalie telehealth plus a prefab diagnostic unit (the Cube) starting in Vietnam in October. Deals are being struck with governments in Ghana and Kenya for the group to offer primary care for €10 per cap. to millions. We talk to Fresenius Helios CEO Franceso de Meo.

Interview: Dagmar Dvorakova, CEO and Prof. Dr. Roland Staudinger, managing director, Aquilia Health Group

Smart reha, medical malls, how to best deploy new medtech, Fresenius Vamed veterans both, Dagmar and Roland are full of ideas on how to best build and run health care service models from acute hospitals to rehab and outpatient. Two and a half years ago they quit the mothership to set up Aquila which now employs 45 and runs projects in China, SE Asia, Austria, Germany and the Czech Rep.

Finnish SOTE reform ‘could create more outsourcing opportunities’

In July 2021, Finland’s leftist parliament passed the long-awaited SOTE reform to its healthcare system, which amalgamated 309 municipal health authorities into 21 much larger ‘welfare regions’. HBI speaks to analysts and operators to find out what impact the reform is having on the for-profit sector.

Covid and Sweden boost Terveystalo

Terveystalo, one of Finland’s two for-profit healthcare giants, saw strong growth in 2021, helped by its recent move into Sweden and a Covid boost. We speak to Terveystalo’s head of investor relations and two analysts, to analyse growth drivers.

New homecare to hospital platform launches in France

A major French operator, the Doctegestio group, has launched a new platform called Avec which combines everything from dentistry and primary care to hospital and nursing homes. We talk to Bernard Bensaid, the entrepreneur behind Avec.

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