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German hospital market facing an uncertain future

The future of the German hospital market still hangs in the balance. As winter approaches and energy prices remain high, politicians still cannot agree on what to do about Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach’s proposed reforms - but whatever the outcome there are opportunities as well as challenges ahead.

UK Health Minister looks for further collaboration with independent sector

The UK's Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has told for-profit operators collaborations between the NHS and private players have paved the way for them to have an increased role going forward - and that patients will be given greater opportunity to be referred to independent sector providers.

Private pay: Rising – but not as fast as you think

Data from the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) shows the self-pay bubble in the UK seems to have reached its peak. While private pay admissions are still rising across the country, self-pay is out while private medical insurance (PMI) is in.

German doctors demand more money as outpatient sector “faces collapse”

Germany’s National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) has put a series of demands to the Ministry of Health. These include sustainable, inflation-linked financing, more training and digitisation and less bureaucracy. The group says that if its demands are not implemented the outpatient sector is at risk of collapsing.

HBI 2023 Panel: This time it’s personal: rethinking patient pathways

When we talk about personalised medicine, we often hear about the therapy component, but less so about the service element of care. In an HBI 2023 panel entitled ‘This time it's personal: rethinking patient pathways’ speakers argued that's exactly where personalisation should be occurring.

HBI 2023: Managing your costs in challenging times

Rising costs from inflation, wages, and energy are indiscriminately hitting the health care sector and despite government support packages being pledged, the road ahead looks arduous. So how do providers control costs, and what are the strategies to keep costs at bay?

HBI 2023 Panel: Opportunities in Mental Health

As the world faces a mental health crisis, a panel at HBI 2023 discussed the impact telehealth and digital therapeutics have on the sector. But with growing demand and a lack of capacity, to what extent can a crisis of global proportions be tackled?

HBI 2023 Panel: Opportunities in Oncology

Oncology has come a long way in just a few decades to the point where cancer care is increasingly understood as a chronic condition, but more capacity is still needed. At HBI 2023, oncology panelists debated where the best opportunities for growth in the sector lie. Here were some of the takeaways:

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