Lapland council votes to keep Mehilainen outsourcing contract – just

Councillors in Finland’s Lapland region decided by a majority of just one vote on Monday to keep an outsourcing contract with the country's largest for-profit health group, Mehilainen. This comes after a board of regional civil servants decided the contract should be ended, while almost 7,000 locals signed a petition in favour of keeping it. HBI speaks to Jussi Rantanen, a senior advisor to Mehilainen, to find out more.

See the Global Top 50 by Market Cap

Who are the Global Top 50 Health Care Service Companies by market cap and what does this tell us about the industry? What is striking is how very few of the top 50 are now EMEA companies - just 13, and of those only four are headquartered in Europe, rather than the Middle East or South Africa. 

HBI 2023: Healthcare regulation – opportunities and risks

Regulatory changes are one of the major concerns among players in healthcare services. A busy panel of lawyers, operators and investors considered this thorny issue at HBI 2023, with a general feeling that even the strictest of regulations can provide some kind of opportunity, and that private funding is so essential a component in health care today, it cannot be legislated away.

17 things we learned at HBI 2023: Our key insights and takeaways

Our annual conference took place earlier this week in London. Over a jam-packed three days of HBI 2023, an impressive array of delegates from across Europe and beyond gathered in the heart of London and shared their insights into the myriad challenges and abundant opportunities the sector faces, and offered their views on how some of them might be addressed. Here are some of our key takeaways.

Ukraine Minister of Health Recovery to speak at HBI 2023

Ukraine has big plans to leverage the for-profit sector to rebuild its shattered health care system after the war. Oleksii Iaremenko, Head of Health Recovery at the Ukraine Ministry of Health is speaking at HBI 2023, June 19-21. Meanwhile we talk to fellow panelist Mark Hellowell, an academic at the University of Edinburgh who with the EBRD is sitting alongside Iaremenko on the Ukraine panel.

Interview: Norberto Jannuzzi, Partner, Patria 

HBI caught up with Norberto Jannuzzi, partner at Brazil based private equity group Patria Investimentos and 'Making smart investment choices' panelist at IFC’s Global Private Health Conference in Cape Town this week.

Saudi boom creating billion dollar opportunities

Sources at the Arab Health exhibition confirm that the ambitious Saudi 2030 project which will see the country transfer most health care service delivery to the for-profit sector is still on. What are the implications of this?

HBI 2022: Balance of power in MENA is shifting

There is a risk, when looking at healthcare markets in MENA, of lumping all the countries together as one - but each market has very specific requirements, and very specific characteristics. A panel at HBI 2022 chaired by Hamid Yunis, partner at global law firm McDermott Will & Emery, investigated challenges and opportunities in the region - and how rapidly the markets are changing and why overseas players now need to work harder to impress.

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