Payor and Operator Models


Interview: Arjan Toor, CEO, Cigna Europe

Cigna now describes itself as “a global health service company” rather than an insurer and has reorganised its European operations. Toor has recently been promoted to CEO Europe. He says that the insurer, which has 15% (US$840m) of its revenue in Europe, doesn't want to verticalise through owning primary care providers but wants instead to provide an end-to-end user experience.

Who is raising money?

Making sense of the money markets isn't easy right now. But some big players - Ramsay, Zur Rose and TPG are still raising money and some sectors such as German outpatient are still seeing M&A consolidation.

Interview: Dr Hugo Stephenson, CEO, Induction Healthcare

The Induction Switch app is used by the majority of hospital doctors in the UK but its owner has only very recently started generating revenue a year after launching on the AIM. That's despite a userbase stretching South Africa, Australia and the USA. Its CEO, an entrepreneur who has founded no less than three health tech companies, talks to HBI about how it plans to turn free-using customers into revenue-generating customers.

Interview: Tony Veverka, CEO, Transform

HBI talks to Tony Veverka, CEO of cosmetic surgery specialist Transform Hospital Group, about his business, and the market pre-and (speculatively) post-COVID.

Health care service write-offs drive losses at Bupa

Bupa, the global healthcare insurer and healthcare operator went from pre-tax profits of £502m in 2018 to a loss of £78m in 2019, thanks mainly to huge write-offs in its UK dentistry business and Australian care homes. But stripping out write-offs, underlying profitability still plunged 31%. Revenue rose just 4%. Why, and what does this tell us about Bupa and its future?

EIT Health starts to map data sources

Most attempts at innovation in healthcare are still being built with insufficient access to the data that defines the problem. The EU's health innovation arm, EIT Health, is calling for providers to be more data transparent for the sake of policymakers and entrepreneurs. HBI speaks to its CEO and director of innovation about curating data.

Mexican clinic boosts low-income patients by monetising quality

With the help of a results-based financing mechanism, Mexico's largest specialised diabetes provider Clínicas del Azúcar has doubled its number of patients from the poorest segments of society and tells HBI it can now double the locations for potential clinics. We speak to its CEO and the co-creator of 'social impact incentives' about how to monetise extra value in impact investing.

Employer-pay growth loses to individual at big occupational healthcare groups

Occupational healthcare groups Medicover and Terveystalo are growing revenue at upwards of 25%, much faster than the 6-9% seen in other publicly listed groups so far this year. Historically employer-funded, individual pay is now growing three times faster than corporate. With Fresenius Helios setting out occupational healthcare expansion plans, what is the future of corporate pay?

Cosmetic group strikes deal with creditors

Administrators have been appointed for a UK-based cosmetic surgery group after UK tax authority HMRC filed a High Court petition to wind up the company. The business, however, still continues, under a slightly different name.

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