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Swiss imaging and lab groups sigh with relief

A new outpatient tariff which would have taken 6-10% points off imaging prices has been kicked down the road for the third time by the byzantine Swiss healthcare system. It would have severely clipped the very high margins enjoyed by many whilst upping prices for primary care.

Could Andalusian deal mean Spanish PPPs are back in favour?

Andalusian authorities have signed a contract with Spanish for-profit hospital group Clínicas Pascual which will see the regional government financing five Andalusian-based hospitals owned by the company. HBI speaks with Spanish consultant Ignacio Riesgo to find out what, if anything, this signifies for the market.

Le Pen’s plans for French healthcare

The next round of the French election is just two weeks off, and unexpectedly the race between Marine Le Pen and incumbent Emmanuel Macron is closer than many predicted. HBI asks, what would a Le Pen government mean for for-profit healthcare? 

NHS England reform ‘won’t increase outsourcing’ despite tough winter ahead

The UK has just passed a new law that stands to shake up the procurement of healthcare services. The for-profit sector has hoped it could drive more patients to their businesses, especially against ballooning waiting lists and winter pressure, but experts tell HBI there's little chance it will increase outsourcing. 

Romanian hospitals up 60% from COVID overflow

Romania's public hospitals are overrun with COVID patients. The 3,400+ beds owned by the private sector aren't being used for infected patients but instead as an 'overflow' for the otherwise ill. HBI speaks to the CEO of Regina Maria, who says visits to its ER are up 25% and looks at the results of rival Medlife, where revenue is up 57% in the first nine months. 

Is Eurofins’ share price drop an overreaction?

The share price of global lab group Eurofins is down 18% since a high at the end of September. Is it all an overreaction? A raised revenue guidance - but not EBITDA - points to falling margins for the group. 

Flagship PPP in Czech elderly care slows

Earlier this year elderly care providers in Czechia had been looking to a new public-private partnership in Brno as a model for future agreements. However, HBI hears that the project is already slowing and the market is instead looking to alternative models. HBI speaks to David Volny, CEE-focussed partner at PE firm Dynacor Capital, to find out more.

PIS isn’t poor when it comes to health care

Law and Justice, (PIS) the governing party in Poland has had a problematic relationship with private health care. After all it was PIS that ran TV adverts showing a dystopian future in which ambulances were shown refusing uninsured patients. And PIS which confiscated inbound PPE for private operators switching it to the NHS. So is surprising to hear a major operator lauding PIS as a good partner.

HBI 2021: Length of imaging outsourcing contracts increase

Much of EMEA has shifted away from short three-year outsourcing contracts for imaging services. The UK, however, is lagging behind as its 3+2 year procurement laws are deterring the private sector from making major investments.

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