Payor and Operator Models


PMI’s changing business model

Access to primary care is now the number one reason people in the UK want private medical insurance (PMI), according to data collected by UK health insurer Vitality. Other NHS countries have been seeing similar trends since Covid. Katie Tryon, Vitality’s Director of Health Strategy, spoke about how this has completely changed the PMI business model — for the better — at HBI’s conference last month.

What would a Labour government mean for private providers in the UK?

As the UK’s political parties enter the final straight for next Thursday’s general election, the outcome is all but certain, with polling strongly indicating that the Labour Party is set to return to power for the first time since 2010 — at current projections with the largest parliamentary majority in British history.

Veterinary fundamentals as strong as human healthcare, with more consolidation opportunities and less regulatory risk

Speakers at HBI’s first ever panel on the veterinary sector made a compelling case for the sector’s investability to HBI 2024 attendees. Demand is resilient and growing, supported by a growing number of pets as well as greater expenditure from pet owners as the range of services expands. Demand growth is also supported by greater price flexibility than human healthcare typically has in most European countries. And almost all the continent’s markets remain unconsolidated. 

Saudi’s $1tn+ NEOM megaproject “poised to redefine the future of healthcare”

Saudi Arabia's $1 trillion + futuristic megaproject NEOM is not just aiming to build something unprecedented from an engineering, architectural and urban design perspective. Its plans for shaking up healthcare are equally radical. We spoke to Mahmoud AlYamany, NEOM’s Sector Head, Health and Wellbeing, to learn more about this.

Healthcare Activos raises new fund worth €650m

Pan-European Spanish healthcare real estate investor Healthcare Activos has launched a new investment fund worth €650 million. This is the REIT’s second fund, and will, in contrast to the first fund, be primarily focused on making investments outside of Spain and Portugal. Jorge Guarner, Activos’ President and Founder, tells us more.

Will Germany’s hospital reform fix the sector’s problems?

Two weeks ago Germany’s cabinet government approved Health Minister Karl Lauterbach’s hospital reform. The current watered-down reform’s key feature is a proposal to move the sector’s reimbursement model away from fee-per-service payments, purportedly to reduce the incentive to overtreat. However, experts tell us the real motivation is still to shut down smaller unspecialised hospitals. Will it succeed in doing so?

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