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Improving insurance and pricing models in South East Asia

Both overtreatment and lack of access in South East Asian healthcare systems are pushing stakeholders to find innovative solutions to improving care. At HBI 2019 we heard key insights into these challenges from investor Fosun Healthcare Holdings and the CEOs of two care providers, teleconsultations platform MyDoc and homecare specialist Lotus Eldercare. South East Asia […]

Does Value Health have a future?

Value health is the revolutionary idea pioneered by Harvard guru Michael Porter. He had the temerity to suggest providers should be rewarded for quality, rather than activity and that the patient should be viewed and consulted as customers. Invented in the early noughties, it hit a high water mark 7-8 years ago when Obamacare was rolled out incorporating the concept. Then it felt like an inexorable river.

Portugal’s public insurer close to announcing new price list

The health insurer for Portugal's 1.2 million civil servants says it will soon announce its new price list for services rendered by the country's private hospitals, the biggest of which briefly cut ties with the body at the start of 2019. We talk to one of their executives.

UK healthcare market – surprisingly strong

How is Europe's largest private equity invested market faring in these uncertain times, as staff shortages and the continuing uncertainty of Brexit make forecasting the future difficult? In most cases, better than you might think! This was the general response from HBI 2019's learned panel of UK and Ireland experts - but as always there were exceptions that proved the rule.

UnitedHealth’s Amil de-lists chunk of Brazil’s biggest hospital chain

Brazilian payor-provider Amil, owned by UnitedHealth, has partially or fully de-listed almost half of Rede D'Or's hospitals, the country's largest operator, while its president talks about "not referring patients to anyone who is wasting money". One local source thinks this is the beginning of a massive tussle between the two giants, while another says their size makes a swift compromise inevitable.

How to innovate homecare commissioning and recruitment

Two key challenges in homecare emerged at HBI 2019's panel on homecare models, chaired by LEK Consulting. How do we innovate commissioning to improve patient engagement and independence? And how do we tackle the biggest issue yet, staff recruitment and retainment? Argentinian medicalised homecare company PalCare and the UK arm of domiciliary care franchise Home Instead shared their views.

Hirslanden hospitals dropped by two private insurers

Two of Switzerland's biggest private health insurers have taken a handful of Mediclinic International's Swiss subsidiary Hirslanden's hospitals off their provider list. We talk to the insurers and market sources about what this means for the hospital sector.

Medgate talks about its Rhoen JV

Last month we reported that Medgate had moved into Germany through a JV with the country's fourth largest hospital group. We caught up with the company to discuss models, reimbursement and the market. 

Dispatches from Arab Health

Arab Health never seems to get any smaller. HBI travelled to Dubai and spoke to some of the 84,500 attendees and 4,150 exhibiting companies. But, strip out the hoop-la, and what is really going on at ground level? Here are our main takeaways from the four-day long event:

Government promises innovators easier access to UK NHS

Private providers have, in the past, found it difficult to try and introduce their innovation into the NHS. Now, the UK government is promising to create a better environment for digital and technology companies to thrive and providers are excited. 

PMI penetration rises across Europe

The number of people who are covered by private health insurance has largely risen across Europe in the past decade, according to a report by the OECD.

Interview: Ravi Gidar, CEO of Gold Care Homes, on UK elderly care

Elderly care providers in the UK have a tough market to navigate. While the sector awaits a government Green Paper consultation document this autumn, we interview the owner of mid-market player Gold Care Homes, Ravi Gidar, on what his plans are going forward.

Could Dutch hospital bankrupcies herald the death of a market?

Two major for-profit Dutch hospitals went bankrupt last month after insurance companies refused to shoulder their economic woes. Both hospitals were part of MC Groep - a Dutch group which privatises failing public hospitals. What does this mean to the wider Dutch market? We speak to a Dutch healthcare expert to find out more.

Interview: Jean-Claude Dubacher, vice president surgical vision, EMEA, Johnson & Johnson

Healthcare Europa speaks to Jean-Claude Dubacher, vice president surgical vision, EMEA, Johnson & Johnson, about the European ophthalmology market. Healthcare Europa (HE): Tell us about the work J&J does in healthcare services. Jean-Claude Dubacher (JD): We’re very active in cataract surgery and laser vision correction, and recently, dry eye treatment. Eye health is a big […]

PharmAccess helps roll out Universal Healthcare Cover

PharmAccess Foundation, the pioneering Dutch NGO which has lent money to 1,000 for-profit clinics across Africa and launched an innovative mobile health payment scheme in Kenya is now working closely with governments.

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