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UK care home sector reaches strongest position in years

Whilst the care home market across much of continental Europe is still reeling from the triple hangover from Covid, the Orpea scandal and inflation, the UK’s care home sector is currently in the best state it's been in for years. 

Practice Plus Group joins Bupa UK network

Practice Plus Group, one the UK's largest private hospital groups, has partnered with multinational health insurer Bupa to give Bupa UK insurance customers access to treatment at its hospitals and surgery centres.

Bankrupt English councils a worry for care operators

As increasing numbers of local councils in England declare themselves bankrupt, fees are giving care home operators cause for concern. HBI catches up with two market experts to understand why more insolvencies are on the way, and what this could mean for the sector’s future.

Orpea’s PR push in the Netherlands

As French nursing home operator Orpea polishes its public image in the Netherlands, HBI catches up with Rune Aresvik, founder of Vardetun consultancy, to hear how the operator is proactively stepping out of the shadows to promote itself, and why its subsidiary Dagelijks Leven is emerging as something of a success story.

Workforce woes beckon in a winter of discontent

Winter is coming, and for the health care sector the end of the year could see a weary workforce and soaring costs push some groups to breaking point. HBI speaks to a selection of operators, analysts and advisers to understand how groups are planning for the potentially difficult months ahead.

Bankruptcies, closures, and scandals: the bleak state of European nursing homes

Across Europe, nursing homes are in crisis. Between scandals in France, insolvencies in Germany, the threat of regulation in Spain, and fair fee woes in the UK, HBI hears that the nursing home sector is the least attractive healthcare services sector for investors. Are things really that bad - and is the threat of mass bankruptcies real?

Belgian crackdown after Orpea’s French folly

Outside France, nursing home group Orpea has largely escaped scrutiny in the countries it operates in following its well publicised difficulties, except in its French-speaking neighbour - Belgium. HBI catches up with two operators in the region to hear what the knock-on reputational impact has been like for Belgian businesses.

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