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Interview: Giuseppe Recchi, CEO, Affidea

Europe’s largest imaging company Affidea wants to become a one-stop shop for all outpatient services. HBI talks to CEO Giuseppe Recchi about changing a brand’s reputation, a record year of M&A and how the pandemic impacted the business.

IFC asks operators for ethical pledge

IFC is asking healthcare groups around the world to sign up to a set of concise, pragmatic guidelines which promote ethical conduct and support daily decision making in the health sector.

AXA partners with Microsoft and buys providers

AXA and Microsoft have launched an ambitious and innovative digital healthcare platform that is already live in Italy and Germany with other major European countries to follow over the next six months.

Occupancy loss and excess deaths during the pandemic

A lot of discussion has taken place about the conduct of nursing homes in the pandemic. Today we look at the number of excess deaths among the over 65s in a population in 2020, and compare it to the loss in occupancy that operators suffered through that year.

Pan-European nursing home groups expand as sector recovers from Covid

The three big pan-European nursing home players have all announced big acquisitions - and Orpea has boosted its growth forecast. Is this a sign that the tide is turning for nursing home operators, as vaccines roll out across the continent and pandemic restrictions continue to lift?

Why the low margin Danish nursing home sector is attracting attention

Denmark is a relatively small market, with a population of less than six million, and like the rest of the Nordics its politics can often be very hostile to for-profit operators. Despite this, the for-profit care home sector is growing despite relatively low returns. HBI talks to two market experts about the appeal and development of the Danish nursing home sector.

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