HBI 2022


HBI 2022: Building digital health ecosystems

Covid-19 forced the increased adoption of technology to aid healthcare delivery. The HBI 2022 digital ecosystem panel said in some ways this was detrimental –  digital without physical doesn’t lead to quality patient outcomes – but a robust digital health ecosystem must be a priority for the sector moving forward.

HBI 2022: Who will win the Subscription War?

Subscription health models were a popular conversation and "subscription" a bit of a buzzword at HBI2022. A panel of experts looked at how three different companies are making these models work.

HBI 2022: Integrated care is tricky – but worth it

Integrated care is well worth delivering. Not only can it help to break down the silos which get in the way of efficient healthcare delivery, but some very effective tools can only be used with integration. A panel at HBI 2022 asked: What do firms have to consider before they can deliver it?

HBI 2022: How digitalisation is driving a service revolution

The arguments for digitalisation in healthcare services are well-established, and thanks to the pandemic, hybrid models are coming more and more to the fore. How is digitalisation being used to improve financial outcomes, and how is data being used to deliver unprecedented proactive and preventative measures? 

HBI 2022: Money alone isn’t the solution to the workforce crisis

There is a global war for talent being keenly fought. Workforce is one of - if not the - most pressing problems in the healthcare sector. Providers at HBI 2022 uniformly fretted over the need to acquire, and retain staff, and shared their views on how best to do this.

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