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10% of Russian nursing home beds to be private by 2020

Russia has begun the long task of overhauling its Soviet-style nursing home stock by inviting private operators to build new homes. The sector has also begun to pilot regulatory reform that would require all homes to reach Western European standards of care. We speak to Senior Group, one of Russia's (comparatively) biggest high-end operators, about how the changes are opening up a market.

Rehab tariffs to increase in France in 2019?

A local operator tells us tariffs to rehab operators in France could increase in 2019 for the first time in several years, and a large payment made to operators at the end of last year is a positive political sign.

Five opportunities for the private sector under new UK NHS reform

This week NHS England has unveiled its 'Long Term Plan'. It sets out how the publicly-funded health service is going to adapt to meet the changing demands of the population while trying to remain sustainable. Private-sector involvement is still a politically charged issue. The words 'private sector' are only mentioned once in a 136 page report. HBI delves into that report to find potential opportunities for the for-profit sector.

Bulgaria stares at statutory insurance

The Bulgarian government is considering splitting up its single payor into multiple, competing funds creating a similar landscape to that in Germany, a local investor tells us.

DRGs in Dubai in 2019 will propel rehab sector

The introduction of diagnosis-related group (DRG) payments to Dubai's hospital sector in 2019 will lead to a boom in the nascent post-acute rehab market according to a local operator. 

Lifestyle genetic platforms under fire

Insurers and big occupational healthcare providers are sceptical about a new generation of lifestyle genetic testing linked to apps which are designed to enable individuals to achieve higher levels of wellness. But they are starting to deploy more specific tests that diagnose rare diseases. We talk to major operators and insurers about how they see the genetic test market.

Saudi dialysis grows double-digits in 2017

The number of dialysis patients treated by Diaverum and DaVita in Saudi Arabia nearly doubled in 2017, while the overall dialysis population grew double-digits and will do so again in 2018, according to an official report. Based on session payment rates reported by HBI, the 2017 market was worth around US$800m.

Government promises innovators easier access to UK NHS

Private providers have, in the past, found it difficult to try and introduce their innovation into the NHS. Now, the UK government is promising to create a better environment for digital and technology companies to thrive and providers are excited. 

PMI penetration rises across Europe

The number of people who are covered by private health insurance has largely risen across Europe in the past decade, according to a report by the OECD.

“For-profit operators are key to UHC” says report

Universal Health Coverage is one of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and it's expected to be completed by 2030. But a newly released report argues that a lack of PPPs is stalling that goal. Healthcare Nova looks at the key findings...

UK outsourcing partnership could be a lucrative new model

The UK's biggest healthcare outsourcer has struck a partnership with a hospital trust in the southwest of the country to take on all non-emergency orthopaedic procedures. It is the first example of a promising model for private providers which could soon become more widespread.

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