Fresenius Helios launches revolutionary primary care offer

Fresenius Helios plans to become the first and only global health care service player by rolling out its Curalie telehealth plus a prefab diagnostic unit (the Cube) starting in Vietnam in October. Deals are being struck with governments in Ghana and Kenya for the group to offer primary care for €10 per cap. to millions. We talk to Fresenius Helios CEO Franceso de Meo.

Interview: Dirk Knüppel, Meine Radiologie

Imaging and radiology is hot at the moment - especially in Germany. The next five years are going to see a huge amount of consolidation according to Dirk Knüppel, CEO at EQT-backed Meine Radiologie & Blikk Holding (MRBH) and HBI 2022 panellist. HBI caught up with him to find out more about his group's plans to expand across Europe.

Turkish groups look for lira depreciation workarounds

The Turkish Lira has been consistently depreciating, losing three-quarters of its US dollar value in the last five years. HBI speaks with an operator source, as well as consultants and operators from Turkey, to find out their strategy to hedge against a worsening exchange rate.

Infermedica targets the USA for expansion

Infermedica, the Polish health tech start-up, will expand its US investments, thanks to the funding gained in a recent Series B financing round. HBI talks with Miłosz Wiciński, Business Development Executive at Infermedica, to learn more.

Orpea won’t stop nursing home M&A drive

Orpea's smaller PE-backed French rivals who are spilling out across Europe say they are not worried by the Orpea scandal. Colissee has just acquired in Portugal for the first time. HBI talks to the C-level at the French operator to learn more.

Eurofins to build lab hubs

After a strong performance in 2021, international lab group Eurofins plans to build diagnostic lab hubs, which will enable it to increase the volume of tested samples. HBI talks with the source close to the company to find out more.

For-profit lab consolidation across Europe’s biggest markets

Germany, France and Italy are Europe's largest for-profit laboratory services markets, with heavyweight groups like Sonic, Synlab, and Cerba having significant market shares. As the major players continue to make large and bolt-on acquisitions, just how consolidated are these markets.

Interview: Jürgen Laartz, founder, and Alexandra Cosma, COO, EDU Malta

A five and a half year education (Batchelor + Masters) as a doctor for just €100,000? That is what is on offer from EDU Malta, a for-profit educational institute with statutes which commit it to working for the public good. It is working closely with Fresenius Helios and other German hospitals and is looking for hospital partners in other countries.  So how does it work, what are EDU’s plans and what role could this play in dealing with the massive world shortage of doctors?

Fresenius Helios expands in Colombia

Quironsalud, the Spanish arm of Fresenus Helios has expanded its Colombian business with the acquisition of Centro Oncológico de Antioquia and ophthalmology centre Clínica Clofán. In its nine month results Fresenius stated that Latin America were strong and "notably above expectations." We look at a booming market where Fresenius Helios spent the lion's share of its €770m on M&A deals in 2020 and 2019 alone.

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