Optegra sale on hold

HBI understands from multiple sources that the sale of UK-based ophthalmology group Optegra is on hold. Click here to read more about Optegra, here to see a list of the largest ophthalmology groups in the UK and here to read our cross-national report on the sector in HBI Intelligence. Owned by Western European investment group H2 Equity Partners which acquired […]

Bill Gates-backed Evercare sells Kenyan hospital stake

US PE Evercare Health Fund has sold its 1bn Kenyan shilling (€7.8m) stake in the Metropolitan and Ladnan hospitals in Nairobi. The PE fund is owned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Economy makes Fresenius breakup unlikely

Speculation persists over the break-up of bloated conglomerate Fresenius by new CEO Michael Sen, but HBI hears that looks increasingly unlikely given the current economic climate. So, what are Sen's options? HBI talks to a well-placed investment banker to find out more.

Scanmed buys Ars Medical

Polish multi-specialty healthcare company Scanmed has bought Polish oncology firm Ars Medical.

Scottish dental group “up for sale”

HBI hears that Scottish dental group Clyde Munro is about to go up for sale, and speaks to an operator and an investor source to find out more.

Macroeconomic conditions dampening debt financing but not equity financing

Macroeconomic conditions are not causing deal flow to halt completely. HBI hears that health care M&A deals financed entirely with equity are still taking place, whilst a dearth of willing lenders and rising interest rates are making debt financing - and therefore larger deals - increasingly unfeasible.

UK teleradiology booming due to NHS backlog

The UK’s teleradiology sector will see continued sustained growth over the next decade as the NHS attempts to deal with its elective care backlog and outsources more and more radiology work. 

Medanta’s parent IPOs

Global Health Ltd, the parent company of Indian hospital chain Medanta, closed subscription for its IPO on Monday, with a valuation of 22,060m rupees ($274m). The share price has been set at 319 Rs ($3.96). The IPO will consist of new shares worth 5,000m Rs ($62m), and an offer-for-sale of up to 50.8m Rs ($0.63m) worth of shares.

Deals postponed and at risk

Deal flow is slowing rapidly. HBI hears CVC has postponed the sale of Finland-based occupational and outpatient specialist Mehilainen. The Trilantic sale of Berlin-based mental health specialist Oberberg, and the Nordic sale of European Dental Group are both at risk too. But we hear that the sales of ophtha group Optegra and diagnostic group Rad-X are likely to proceed.

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