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Buyer found for troubled Fortis?

The fight for Fortis, India's second largest and arguably most troubled hospital group, could soon be over. Healthcare Nova hears from a well-placed India-based source that IHH Healthcare's binding offer to acquire 51% of the company is extremely likely to succeed.

An online and international GP Service

Doctor Care Anywhere showed how doctors are consulting with patients in over 70 different countries and provide treatment and advice in all locations. The fast-track referrals to AXA PPP healthcare recommended specialists, seamless referrals to Nuffield Health in-person GPs, a global prescription management service and personalised health tracking and medication reminders, meant that Doctor Care Anywhere stood out from the crowd and was the only telehealth company to make the final shortlist.

Building a primary healthcare brand across India

Healthspring started with a vision of building a pan-India primary health care network with a focus on preventive care and putting the customer first. It did this by meeting unmet needs in the consumer space – from safe and modern facilities to providing all required consumer primary care needs under one roof, ensuring a high level of customer service and making customer feedback a key metric in all decisions

Sweeping Ukrainian healthcare reforms create opportunities for private providers

Opportunities are opening up to private providers in Ukraine, where sweeping reforms are introducing more of a free market feel to the previously socialist system. Healthcare Europa speaks to Konstantin Lebedyev, a Ukrainian consultant based in Denmark who formerly ran a private clinic in the Ukraine to find out more about the key changes that came into force earlier this week.

China 2030 programme opening the door to foreign operators

The revitalisation of the Chinese healthcare market is creating significant opportunities for foreign operators, as the government looks outside its borders for help with an already overburdened system and aging population. We talk to the CEO of a European company at the forefront of tendering for bids to find out more.

Aligning many operations under a single brand

Many health care service groups have a multiplicity of different brands. MediGroup, a Serbian health care group with 2017 revenues of €30m chose to align all its operations under one brand and created a new communication platform around the question “How are you today?” The result was a 3% increase in brand awareness in one year alongside a 10% increase in calls and 18% increase in visits.

Building a personal health plan service platform for over 600,000 patients

Oma Terveys is a personal health plan service platform that can be used to monitor and review your care history, personal health plan, lab results and wellness goals. It introduced an 24/7 online GP chat function in 2016 using both text and video calling with the ability to attach photographs. It employs 200 GPs to monitor the chat service and claims to be able to reply in seconds. The platform also allows physicians to chat with each other to share information. The app has more than 658,000 registered users and Terveystalo, the biggest, for-profit medical provider in Finland claims that 13% of its physical visits (5.25m in 2017) end up registering.

A patient platform app with 40,000 regular users

Medicover Poland created a mobile application at the end of 2016 that allows patients to manage their health from anywhere in the world. The platform allows patients to make appointments, access test results, message the doctor and nursing staff, order prescriptions and access Medicover’s telemedicine platform for remote consultations. Over 130,000 have used the service, with 40,000 going on to become regular users.

Primary health platform for Indian consumers to overcome the lack of trust in the health system

In conjunction with the Indian Health Organisation, an Indian health care benefits company, insurer Aetna launched vHealth in November 2017, a primary health platform for Indian consumers to help engage with the medical profession and overcome a lack of trust in the health system. In an attempt to reduce physical consultations, patients can get unlimited teleconsultations, receive follow-ups, guidance and ongoing support. It has an outpatient network in 38 cities across India. Since it began, 800,000 people have signed up to the service and 16,000 teleconsultations have taken place. Aetna says the app has driven a 60% increase in contract sales in 2017 and an increase in coverage of 78%. The app has led to a 70% reduction in the need for physical consultations, reducing costs for the patient.