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UK NHS patients to get “largest expansion of patient choice in a decade”

Pilots to test offering NHS patients a choice of multiple providers, including private ones, for certain types of routine out-of-hospital care will begin in selected local areas in the autumn, in what the UK government is hailing as “the largest expansion of patient choice in the NHS in a decade”. The new options for patients could help reduce waiting lists and improve care, but risk being underutilised, as has been the fate of the NHS’ other choice-expanding initiatives to date.

Dutch primary care chain Co-Med faces financial stress and quality complaints

Co-Med, a Dutch primary care chain, is facing financial difficulty and possibly even bankruptcy. A part of the company that manages its call centre has already been declared bankrupt. The group has also been the subject of complaints regarding quality and (lack of) availability and timeliness of services, and being sued by former employees.

How digitalisation can add value 

Hype over ‘telehealth’ is now largely a thing of the past. But there are ways that digitalisation can radically improve health care provision, and save significant amounts of time for both clinicians and patients. And many of the largest gains don’t require state-of-the-art software or advanced AI algorithms. 

The 20-30% AI productivity boost available to health care providers right now

AI has the potential to boost productivity in health care in myriad ways. The most transformative applications will take time to be implemented, not just because of the nascent stage of the technology itself, but also because of lagging regulation and change-resistant clinicians. But there are applications which providers can implement right now that can provide huge productivity boosts. Oskari Eskola, CEO of BeeHealthy, a Mehilainen (Finland’s largest private health care group) spin-out that helps providers and insurers digitise, talks us through some of these.

The London Clinic opens rapid diagnostics clinic

The London Clinic, a large private hospital in London, is opening a new diagnostics centre just across from its main site in Harley Street, London, to deliver fast diagnostics services to patients wanting to skip NHS queues.

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