Babylon steps up AI and data projects

Digital first health provider Babylon has launched an AI-powered triage tool in Rwanda to as Rwanda moves to digitise its healthcare system.

More questions for Babylon

The more you look at the Babylon SPAC deal, the more black box it looks. The sheer complexity of the US insurance system makes it impossible for investors to assess its prospects with any accuracy. And then there is the question of the $230m sale of shares made by "certain accredited investors". How much of this went to Babylon founder Ali Parsa?

Will Babylon succeed?

Ali Parsa, the founder of Babylon Health, is now a paper billionaire with control of a business with an enterprise value of $3.6bn with an additional $575m in gross proceeds, following its merger with special acquisition vehicle Alkuri. The nearly 90% of the SPAC shareholders who chose to sell before the shares started trading may be kicking themselves - the shares peaked at $16 on October 26, though as of the time of writing are sitting at $10.82, up from the initial opening price of 10$ on October 22.

Interview: Jan Leister, executive director of digital health, Fresenius Helios

Fresenius Helios has a new incoming digital health executive, who after heading up the Fresenius Group's German rehab business for the past four years wants to disrupt the way it manages chronic disease by transforming it from a pure hospital operator into a digi-physical healthcare group. Leister tells HBI that he wants to sell its digital therapeutics solution Curalie right into emerging markets.

IFC invests in triple million fund for sub-saharan Africa

The IFC has invested in the biggest sub-Saharan Africa healthcare investment platform since Abraaj's ill-fated $1bn fund with a view to acquiring and integrating hospitals in east and southern Africa. It's still not that big.

FREE BLOG Is there a market for innovation in emerging markets?

Synlab Nigeria's chief medical officer told crowds at the launch of a new wellness centre in Lagos that previously "only outdated technologies were dumped in Africa". This might be true, but is there a market for expensive innovation? 

Sub-Saharan Africa ‘ready for investment’

HBI reports from the Sub-Saharan Africa panel at HBI 2019, where Teo Sarda, CEO of Sphera, Dr Shrey Viranna, CEO of Life, and Audrey Obara, head of healthcare for Swedfund, talked about how to sustainably invest in Africa. 

Cerba/Lancet JV to expand

Cerba is set to expand its JV with pan-African lab network Lancet into more French-speaking countries.

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