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HBI 2023: AI and Big Data – cutting diagnosis to treatment times

AI and big data are primed to improve clinical outcomes and standards for radiologists as well as the health care as a whole, but how far along the journey to automated care delivery are we? In an HBI 2023 panel discussion ‘AI and Big Data: Outcomes and Automation,’ panellists explored how automation could speed up diagnosis to treatment from 2 weeks to 15 minutes.

HBI 2023: Healthcare regulation – opportunities and risks

Regulatory changes are one of the major concerns among players in healthcare services. A busy panel of lawyers, operators and investors considered this thorny issue at HBI 2023, with a general feeling that even the strictest of regulations can provide some kind of opportunity, and that private funding is so essential a component in health care today, it cannot be legislated away.

Opportunities in diagnostic imaging and teleradiology

The imaging sector presents a significant opportunity for private investors and operators, given its strong fundamentals and low levels of consolidation. Speakers on the ‘Opportunities in diagnostic imaging and teleradiology’ panel at HBI 2023 were particularly enthusiastic about the opportunity in Germany and France, and about building teleradiology platforms.

17 things we learned at HBI 2023: Our key insights and takeaways

Our annual conference took place earlier this week in London. Over a jam-packed three days of HBI 2023, an impressive array of delegates from across Europe and beyond gathered in the heart of London and shared their insights into the myriad challenges and abundant opportunities the sector faces, and offered their views on how some of them might be addressed. Here are some of our key takeaways.

Is there any need to panic over South African NHI?

Last week HBI reported on the South African parliament approving a national / statutory health insurance scheme, which would bring universal healthcare to the rainbow nation at the expense of private providers. HBI speaks to a South African operator to find out how this may affect them.

Where to look for green shoots in health care M&A

M&A in European health care has been almost at a standstill in H1 2023, as the chasm between the price expectations of buyers and sellers has grown. HBI asks if the prospects look better for H2 and beyond, with the help of market experts.

Ukraine Minister of Health Recovery to speak at HBI 2023

Ukraine has big plans to leverage the for-profit sector to rebuild its shattered health care system after the war. Oleksii Iaremenko, Head of Health Recovery at the Ukraine Ministry of Health is speaking at HBI 2023, June 19-21. Meanwhile we talk to fellow panelist Mark Hellowell, an academic at the University of Edinburgh who with the EBRD is sitting alongside Iaremenko on the Ukraine panel.

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