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Al Borg eyes franchising and reference markets

Big Saudi lab group Al Borg plans to use franchising to grow rapidly with a consumer-led offer which includes imaging and primary care. It is also constructing two enormous reference labs in Riyad and Jeddah with the aim of seizing a market where Saudi spends billions.  The group is also still eyeing a stock market listing.

German labs accused of lobbying to profiteer from Covid

A group of journalists from German broadcasting companies Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) and Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) and German daily newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) has accused Germany’s private labs groups of lobbying the government in order to protect their Covid testing profits. 

End to French labs strike as agreement struck with government

The unions representing French labs groups called an end to their strike on Tuesday, January 10, after reaching an agreement with the government on tariff cuts for 2023. The agreement specifies that up to €250m of labs’ funding can be cut in 2023, but that no further cuts will be made during the year. While this deal ends the immediate problem, HBI hears it has only delayed further conflict.

Portuguese competition authority goes after labs

Portugal’s competition authority (AdC) has opened an investigation into collusion it suspects took place between several of the country’s major labs groups during the years 2016 and 2022. The accused groups include Affidea, Synlab and Unilabs subsidiaries.

Atrys offloads 25% of Conversia amid stock slump

Spanish based diagnostic labs group Atrys has sold 24.9% of its stake in regulatory compliance subsidiary Conversia to Arragio NW Segundo for €20m. The move comes after a disappointing year where the firm has seen its share price fall 39%.

BMA targets ‘unregulated’ at-home diagnostic tests

In October the British Medical Association (BMA) reported it had found cases of private labs groups offering direct-to-consumer at-home diagnostic tests with ‘misleading’ claims about their accuracy, claiming some of these tests are unregulated. The NHS says such tests risk overburdening GPs with patients who have received misleading information. HBI speaks to Kevin Dryhurst, CEO of private labs operator DAM Health, who argues privately provided direct-to-consumer tests have a role to play in providing some of the preventive care which the NHS is failing to deliver.

Viamed chooses Synlab to run in-house labs

Spanish hospital group Viamed has chosen Synlab to run its in-house diagnostic labs in many of its hospitals, meaning less outsourced business for Eurofins.

Spanish hospitals bringing labs in-house

Major Spanish hospital groups are bringing their diagnostic labs testing in-house, in a trend which stands in direct contrast to what is happening in other countries.

€8bn to save German hospitals, but no relief for labs

The German government has pledged an €8bn support package to help hospitals and care homes tackle inflation and rising energy costs, and promised to end Germany's flat-rate DRG tariff system, but other parts of the the country's under pressure health care sector - particularly smaller lab groups - are struggling to stay afloat.

French labs take collective action to fight sector cuts

French labs groups have stopped sharing Covid test results with the government in protest against the €250m proposed annual cuts to the sector. The president of national lab syndicate Les Biologistes Médicaux says lab groups are preparing to go on strike in mid-November, which would mean all labs being entirely shut down, if their demands are not met.

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