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Swiss labs suffer 10% cut, more may follow

Switzerland has chopped its diagnostic lab prices by 10% in a move that is billed as saving CHf 140m (€141). There could well be further crackdowns following a publication highlighting the massive differences between Swiss prices and those in France, Germany and the Netherlands.

HBI 2022: Balance of power in MENA is shifting

There is a risk, when looking at healthcare markets in MENA, of lumping all the countries together as one - but each market has very specific requirements, and very specific characteristics. A panel at HBI 2022 chaired by Hamid Yunis, partner at global law firm McDermott Will & Emery, investigated challenges and opportunities in the region - and how rapidly the markets are changing and why overseas players now need to work harder to impress.

Why Westminster NHS systems fail

Profound pessimism about NHS plans for integrated health and with NHS systems in the UK and Canada was on display from academics at the European Health Policymakers Group which celebrated its 21st year in an afternoon looking at what the group had learnt studying Beveridge (NHS) and Bismarckian (statutory insurer) models.

Building Digital Health Ecosystems

Digital health ecosystems will be the future of healthcare – are you ready? In essence, as a digital one-stop shop for patients to access healthcare services and manage their own health, it requires a collaborative approach and the formation of new partnership models. In this session we’ll examine what is exactly meant by a ‘digital […]

Imaging and Radiotherapy

These closely related sectors are seeing a huge M&A boom as investors seek to consolidate rich west Europe (DACH, France and Northern Italy). Other players such as Affidea with its platform in 15 countries are also for sale. So what is the attraction? And how far is it possible to build an ecosystem of outpatient clinics […]

Investing in Europe

What do investors think about key sectors and valuations in Europe? How are concerns about increasing inflation rates impacting valuations? What impact are the ongoing healthcare reforms in the wake of the pandemic having on investment? Speakers include: Martin Henrichs, Managing Director – Head of Healthcare EMEA, UBS Anja Bickelmaier, Co Head of Healthcare, Triton […]

Investing in Emerging Markets

These offer massive opportunities, but, all too often, very high valuations. The panel will explore values and where they are heading. What is the greenfield alternative? What role will the for-profit sector have in delivering care in the future? Speakers include: Dr Amit Varma, Managing Partner, Quadria Capital Investment Management Dr Biju Mohandas, Partner, LeapFrog […]

Laboratory Diagnostics

With both winners and losers as a result of Covid-19, we’ll review the current status of the diagnostic lab market. As we look ahead and anticipate revenues to fall back in line with pre-Covid levels, what is the investor viewpoint? What strategies are operators employing to manage profitability and drive growth? How fast are sub-sectors […]

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