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€8bn to save German hospitals, but no relief for labs

The German government has pledged an €8bn support package to help hospitals and care homes tackle inflation and rising energy costs, and promised to end Germany's flat-rate DRG tariff system, but other parts of the the country's under pressure health care sector - particularly smaller lab groups - are struggling to stay afloat.

French labs take collective action to fight sector cuts

French labs groups have stopped sharing Covid test results with the government in protest against the €250m proposed annual cuts to the sector. The president of national lab syndicate Les Biologistes Médicaux says lab groups are preparing to go on strike in mid-November, which would mean all labs being entirely shut down, if their demands are not met.

Top 10 EMEA labs groups made almost €8bn extra revenue in 2021

It's no secret that the diagnostic labs sector benefitted immensely from testing during the Covid pandemic. But now that 2021 revenue figures are available for many of the largest groups, it is clear that the scale of the testing windfall has been larger than anyone in the sector imagined.

Opportunities abound as Saudi Arabia plans $13bn private healthcare expansion

Saudi Arabia’s health ministry is making $13bn (SR48bn) plans for 100 healthcare projects that will involve the private sector. The public-private partnership proposals include constructing two new medical cities, a project to provide 900 beds for medical rehabilitation, and long-term care services, and it looks like foreign investors are actively being courted.

French labs pushing back against €250m cut

French labs are presenting a united front pushing back against the €250m worth of annual cuts proposed in the 2023 Social Security Budget. All of the sector’s representative bodies have voiced outrage, and a joint letter from the directors of four labs syndicates sent to l’Assurance Maladie’s (CNAM) general director demands tariffs be indexed to inflation saying the sector cannot support further cuts. 

More funding for health and care but less for labs in French Social Security budget

The French government is to increase allocated funding for the health and care sectors overall in 2023, including hiring an additional 3,000 carers and investing €370m into a shift to care at home, but decrease funding for labs by €250m, as detailed in the 2023 Social Security budget, published on Monday September 26.

Dutch labs consolidation hampered by hospital reluctance to outsource

Last month we reported that there is a growth opportunity for bigger and more efficient for-profits in the largely unconsolidated Dutch labs market, as Covid testing winds down and financial pressures return to the sector. But a consultant who has previously run a Dutch hospital lab tells us a major barrier remains: a stubborn reluctance within hospitals to outsource.

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