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Synlab still benefiting from Covid testing windfall

Europe’s largest lab group Synlab earned €618m from Covid testing in the first half of 2022. This was a 30% drop from H1 2021, but higher than what it had initially forecasted for the period. Revenue from underlying, non-Covid activity was strong, at 7.2%, helped by several bolt-on acquisitions.

British lab minnow takes on America

NVM Capital has bought a majority stake in Yorktest, the largest UK food intolerance testing lab. The company, which has doubled sales in two years, plans to expand in the USA where it faces Everlywell, which is valued at several billion dollars.

Swiss labs suffer 10% cut, more may follow

Switzerland has chopped its diagnostic lab prices by 10% in a move that is billed as saving CHf 140m (€141). There could well be further crackdowns following a publication highlighting the massive differences between Swiss prices and those in France, Germany and the Netherlands.

HBI 2022: Balance of power in MENA is shifting

There is a risk, when looking at healthcare markets in MENA, of lumping all the countries together as one - but each market has very specific requirements, and very specific characteristics. A panel at HBI 2022 chaired by Hamid Yunis, partner at global law firm McDermott Will & Emery, investigated challenges and opportunities in the region - and how rapidly the markets are changing and why overseas players now need to work harder to impress.

Why Westminster NHS systems fail

Profound pessimism about NHS plans for integrated health and with NHS systems in the UK and Canada was on display from academics at the European Health Policymakers Group which celebrated its 21st year in an afternoon looking at what the group had learnt studying Beveridge (NHS) and Bismarckian (statutory insurer) models.

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