Bashforth, Kirsty


Interview, Kirsty Bashforth, Chief business officer, Diaverum

Chronic Kidney Disease is a continuing to rise, further impacted by COVID and the wider economic burden. We discuss how digitalisation, improving health literacy and a more holistic approach could make a difference to the outlook in this sector with Kirsty Bashforth, chief business officer, Diaverum, ahead of her How to Build a Brand workshop at HBI 2022. 

Workforce and Culture

This session looks at how to best build and retain a strong workforce. Panellists look at how the sector is becoming much more involved in training staff and at how digital transformation will change job roles. Health care operators talk about their journeys and the lessons they have learned. Confirmed speakers include: Sophie Boissard, Korian Kirsty Bashforth, […]

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