Goldberg, Hedley


The 2023 Healthcare M&A Landscape

Will M&A in health care come to a standstill or will mountains of dry powder see it power through? What will be the impact as inflation soars to its highest levels since the early 1980s and we face recession and a workforce crisis. Hedley Goldberg, Partner, Rothschild & Co

HBI 2022: M&A may slow in H2, but demand remains strong

“We are about to face a global recession,” conceded Hedley Goldberg, managing director at financial advisory group Rothschild, to a packed out audience at the plenary session on the M&A landscape at HBI 2022. “But it will be an unusual one with high levels of inflation and employment.”

2022 Health Care M&A Landscape

2021 has been a record year for deal activity and IPOs. But as multiples hit a ceiling, what will happen in 2022? Investors are keeping a watchful eye on inflation, rising wages, energy bills, and overall increased costs of living. The war in Ukraine, sanctions on Russian companies, particularly oil and gas has only added to market […]

The post-Covid M&A landscape

Will pent-up investor demand force prices even higher in what most investors view as one of the safest sectors? What has happened to valuations and deal flow through the pandemic? Where are investors particularly focused today? Hedley Goldberg, Rothschild & Co

M&A: 2020 and what happens next?

How is Covid affecting valuations for health care service companies in Europe and Emerging Markets. In a detailed data-driven presentation Hedley looks at its impact sector-by-sector. Despite Covid, will cheap money and renewed investor appetite push multiples higher? Followed by a live Q&A session Hedley Goldberg, Managing Director, Rothschild & Co

The New Investor and Debt Reality for Healthcare Services

HBI explores the impact of Covid on investors and finances. Panellists include: Rothschild Managing Directors Hedley Goldberg and Helier Drage-Smith, Steven Dyson, Partner, Apax Partners and Angelkia Schöchlin, Senior Partner, Antin

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