Guerrero, Amaury


Opportunities in Ophthalmology

Ophthalmology continues to be a big area of investor interest with considerable scope for consolidation. Governments are increasingly outsourcing cataract operations and the sector is starting to unlock the potential for multifocal lenses in middle age. Panellists include the CEO of Veonet, the largest European ophtha chain and the CEO of Opty, the largest in […]

Investing in Emerging Markets

Bearing the brunt of inadequate health systems, low and middle-income countries are ripe for investment opportunities from the private sector. This session with leading emerging market investors outlines the challenges and the opportunities for investment, growth and innovation. Amaury Guerrero, CEO, Opty / Patria Group Zeynep Kantur, Global Manager & Global Head of Health, IFC […]

LatAm: Overview

Available on demand We look at how new sectors are emerging in Latin America such as elderly care, at the consolidation of outpatient in dentistry, primary care+, ophthalmology, and fertility. We also look at the trend towards vertical integration and for the formation of HMOs in hospitals. This session is a wide-ranging exploration with expert […]

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