Kupatt, Wolf


Diagnostics: Sector Analysis

Covid-19 massively boosted lab revenues. But will labs retain the special relationship they have built with governments?  US groups, for instance, are monetising their data by working with payors on disease prevention. How are labs using digital to help doctors interpret results and to reach the consumer? Confirmed speakers include: Michiel Boehmer, Unilabs Evangelos Kotsopoulos, […]

Diagnostics: A new global consumer market?

Here we explore new markets for diagnostics, focusing particularly on B2C consumer markets and genetics. Panelists include: Wolf Kupatt, CEO, Amedes   Recently Amedes has developed a battery of B2C tests around areas such as the gut biome and is conducting genetic tests for consumers in Africa and Asia. What has been the feedback and what is […]

Diagnostics – Opportunities and Challenges

This session explores new ways in which lab and imaging groups are working with the public sector around the world. What models really work and why? Operator CEOs look at outsourcing, PPPs, relationships with payors and how new technology is set to change things. Panellists include: Jos Lamers, Executive Chairman, Unilabs One of the largest […]

State of the regions: DACH

By far Europe’s largest market, Germany, Austria and Switzerland offer unique opportunities. But how fast is the German outpatient sector changing? What sectors are investable? How squeezed are hospitals in Germany and Switzerland? And will a new Austrian government lead to better prospects? Panellists include Dr Reinhard Wichels, Managing Director, WMC Healthcare; Wolf Kupatt, CEO, […]

Laboratory Diagnostics: How Covid is Reshaping the Sector

Covid has had a dramatic short-term impact on the lab sector with big falls in revenue halving as elective business fell away. But it is also an opportunity as new mass markets open up. And it may change the relationship between lab operators, consumers and government payors for good. It could also lead to a […]

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