Savevski, Victor


Digital Transformation 3: AI & Data Analytics – Patient outcomes

How can you use data and technology to drive better quality and outcomes? Helping doctors better diagnose, treat and personalise care to a patient is all possible with AI, but how far are these systems implemented and what barriers still remain? Confirmed speakers include: Bernd Ohnesorge, Siemens Healthineers Victor Saveski, Humanitas Cyndi Williams, Quin Bradley […]

AI, Big Data: II

This session looks at how AI and big data are changing how health care is delivered, whether in diagnosis, patient journey management or the delivery of care. Enabling Precision Health in Oncology – a post-Covid slant Dr Ben Newton PhD – General Manager, Oncology, GE Healthcare Victor Savevski, Chief Innovation Officer, Humanitas Dr Angela Spatharou, […]

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