Spatharou, Angela


Building Digital Health Ecosystems

Digital health ecosystems will be the future of healthcare – are you ready? In essence, as a digital one-stop shop for patients to access healthcare services and manage their own health, it requires a collaborative approach and the formation of new partnership models. In this session we’ll examine what is exactly meant by a ‘digital […]

AI, Big Data: II

This session looks at how AI and big data are changing how health care is delivered, whether in diagnosis, patient journey management or the delivery of care. Enabling Precision Health in Oncology – a post-Covid slant Dr Ben Newton PhD – General Manager, Oncology, GE Healthcare Victor Savevski, Chief Innovation Officer, Humanitas Dr Angela Spatharou, […]

Digital Health – The Great Leap Forward

After a decade of desultory change, in recent months European countries have dramatically accelerated their move towards digital health care. This covers every aspect from primary care to home monitoring. But what form do these new business models take? And how will it transform different aspects of health care delivery? In a 20-minute presentation, McKinsey […]

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